2010 Wright Stander lawn mower review.

A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum had just made a new mower purchase. He bought a 2010 Wright Stander 52″ with a 23hp Kawasaki engine. I asked him what he liked or didn’t like about his new mower and this is what he had to say. You can also jump on the forum and give us your feedback on the mower as well.

He wrote “I just picked up my new mower Friday afternoon, and used it this morning. It’s a 2010 Wright Stander 52″ powered by a¬† 23hp Kawasaki engine.

Wright Stander Lawn Mower Review

Wright Stander Lawn Mower Review

For the most part, I love it.


  • You really can’t get under anything hanging low and your standing ( not a real big deal)
  • Has more tire spin than I expected (just change your driving habits)


  • Less moving parts than a lawn tractor.
  • Every component is within open reach ( easy to clean off, maintain)
  • You stand high on this machine, visibility is awsome.
  • It can handle just about any kind of slope you can throw at it.

And you do get ALOT of looks when operating this machine. It’s a good conversation starter. Remember to bring business cards with you and give them out, you never know when you will pick up a new customer.”

Some other members shared “It’s a nice mower! You will love it. You will get some looks from people driving by as you are flying around on that machine. You’ll never want to operate a walk behind lawn mower again.”

“I own two wrights. They are the best mowers for hills bar none! There is no real weight up high! Even the weight of the driver is on the platform your standing on which is below the centerpoint of the wheels as opposed to the driver siting on a seat well above the top of the tires. And the engine is mounted right above the deck… you can’t get any lower than that man! With an average weight operator, these machines are so balanced even front to back that it’s just sick how manuverable they are. That’s why I bought the 2nd one & sold my 52″ regular zt. I love em’”

“Kawasaki are my favorite engines. A well maintained motor (oil, oil filter, air filters, spark plug all changed regularly, etc) should easily last 1500 to 2000 based on my experience.”

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