Big money in maintaining foreclosed homes.

As the economy falls deeper into recession, many homeowners are losing their homes for failing to pay their mortgages. As these homes get foreclosed they fall into disrepair. For a lawn care business owner that offers property maintenance services this can mean big bucks! Let’s jump to a post made on the Gopher Lawn Care [...]

How to come up with your lawn care customer base goals for next year?

If you are like most lawn care business owners, you want to see your business grow over time. How are you going to do this though? Do you have a plan? What are your lawn care customer base goals? That is the amount of base customers you want to be servicing weekly.
I asked this question [...]

Fall leaf clean up marketing idea with inflatable halloween decorations.

You could even take this idea one step further and put up an inflatable halloween display on your property and maybe at the home of your family or friends in town too to help promote your services further.
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Use a stencil on the inflatable display.

Afterwards, you have [...]

Fall leaf clean up lawn sign ideas.

How cool would it be if you could get a whole bunch of these fall leaf clean up lawn signs? Have them cut into the proper shape and then insert them through out the neighborhoods you service.

It would be a really neat and visual way to offer your fall leaf lawn clean up services.

Here is [...]

A $250,000 lawn care truck?

What does $250,000 buy you when it comes to lawn care equipment? How about this set up? These pictures were sent to us by our friend Brandon. Check out his post here at the Gopher Lawn Care Forum.

How much should I charge for a Tree Removal?

A forum member made a post about bidding on a tree removal. I wanted to share this post from the Gopher Lawn Care Forum with you to help broaden your knowledge on creating an estimate for a tree removal.
Abryconlawn: “Hey everybody, I’ve been in the landscaping business for about five years now and just [...]

How to handle customers who only want their lawn cut every other week.

Most lawn care business owners will want to cut a lawn weekly. It is more profitable and it keeps the lawn from becoming overgrown. Overgrown lawns take more time to cut and wear down equipment faster. Sometimes you might run into a lawn care customer who only wants their lawn cut every other week to [...]

GopherHaul Podcast Directory

I am trying to consolidate all the great content we have created at the Gopher Lawn Care Software site. Here is a great collection of all our lawn care business podcasts.
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Winter Lawn Care Yard Clean Up Flyer

I put this winter lawn care clean up flyer together based on Keith’s suggestions. You can download it and edit in any way you want. It’s created with which is a free program similar to Microsoft Word.
Download the file here Make sure you logged into the forum to download all files.

You can discuss this [...]

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