New Lawn Care Business Flyer Template Added

Here is the latest free lawn care business flyer added to our collection. You can download and edit this flyer template with the free word processing program OpenOffice. Edit and alter it to fit your lawn care business needs and start handing them out. To download this lawn mowing flyer or any of our others, [...]

Free Lawn Mowing Flyer Template - Dug yourself into a hole?

Here is a new FREE lawn mowing flyer template entitled ‘Dug yourself into a hole.?’ The goal of this flyer is to make the reader think of all the lawn care and landscape projects they started and never got finished. Or the all the landscape projects they wanted to do but never got a chance [...]

Lawn Care Business Flyer Door to Door distribution advice.

For every lawn care business start up that exists today, there is a theory on how best to distribute lawn care flyers door to door. Everyone seems to have their own way to do it. Everyone thinks their way is the best way. Some put flyers in the door without knocking. Some put flyers in [...]

Spring lawn care flyer and direct marketing ideas.

Spring is here and many lawn care business owners are sending out their lawn care marketing material. I have seen quite a bit of flyers and direct mail offers that I wanted to share with you. Maybe some of these ideas will help you create offers and marketing material of your own. First up let [...]

We will beat any lawn care quote by at least 20%.

What should you do when you open your mail and see a lawn care business direct mail campaign that says “We will beat any quote you receive by at least 20%!” How do you compete with those willing to drop their prices by at least 20% to get the job. The simple answer is you [...]

Marketing your lawn care business in a 14% unemployement rate area.

A lot of areas around the country are dealing with high unemployment rates. When you are just getting your lawn care business started, you may find that this adds to the difficulty of getting your business off the ground. Luke got on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and shared with us his frustrations. He [...]

A lawn care business sales secret.

When you are getting your lawn care business started and you don’t have many personal contacts, the situation can be rough. Let’s take a look at what our friend and fellow Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum member did to go from getting no return calls to many.
Scott wrote “So my flyers & business cards have [...]

Free lawn mower safety flyer.

I added a new free lawn mower marketing flyer in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. This one promotes mower safety. You can use this if you were to put on a seminar at a local school but it could also be used just as well as a stand alone marketing flyer to promote your [...]

Promoting your lawn care business through local schools.

I am so impressed with the creative marketing ideas that come through the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. One of our friends shared with us his idea to market his lawn care business through local schools and teach kids some useful information along the way.
He posted a letter he is planning on sending to the [...]

Easter promotion ideas for your lawn care business.

Happy Easter to all of you. As business owners, we can take each holiday and use it to promote good will within our community and promote our lawn care business. All we need to do is add a touch of creativity and from where there was nothing, a new promotional idea can sprout. Such an [...]

Free lawn mowing flyer and bid sheet.

Thanks to Matt for posting this great lawn mowing flyer and bid sheet on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. He wrote us “I just recently came up with a couple different forms I’m planning on using. These aren’t my primary flyers. The one is to stir up new business this year and the other [...]