Attention: New Lawn Care Businesses, keep those flyers simple!

Attention: New Lawn Care Businesses, keep those flyers simple!

So often when a new lawn care business owner is starting out, they tend to make the simple, complicated. The message we want to convey to you is when you are starting out with your lawn care business, keep things simple.

Recently we had a new lawn care business owner write us, “If your business could use a GopherHaul, please email us.” so, I’m contacting you. I have seen your flyers and such on your web site/forum. I have been in the business part time since 2005. I made my own flyers based on what I saw on those web sites. The first year I had 8 customers, The second year, I had problems with my truck and got a late start, then my 36″ w/b broke and I didn’t have the $400 for the part. I had 3 customers and only a 21″ mower so I stopped advertising. I got a new (used) 48″ w/b for free (cost me $55.33 in parts and about 8 hours to get it going) in July and did some more advertising. Got 1 call, didn’t get the job. This year I spent $3,300 on new equipment and repairs and advertising. Put out about 1500 flyers so far this year (I’ll include them) and only got about 3 calls. I really need help BUT, I don’t think I can afford it. Anything you guys can do would be greatly appreciated.

The “free lawn service 4″ flyer was put out once, about 200 of them in one area, I got 2 calls, no jobs. The coupon was put out in another area at about 100, no calls. Purrfection flyer 4 has been put out at about 1000 houses, 1 call. As you can see by the numbers, something is wrong, VERY wrong. I did not expect any jobs out of the flyers but, more than 2 calls would have been nice. Thanks in advance, Darrin”

When we reviewed Darrin’s flyers it quickly became obvious to us that there were too many variable in the flyers. There were too many requirements asked of the potential customer. One flyer offered the 5th mow free with a signed annual lawn care contract. The flyers he sent to us are available for you to review on our lawn care business forum. Another flyer he sent offered $50 off your lawn care fall clean up if you signed an annual lawn care contract as well.

When you are just getting your lawn care business started, you really want to put as few barriers between you and your potential customer, as possible. Don’t make them jump through hoops. Keep things simple until you start getting a feel for what your customers want and experiment with different marketing elements to see what works and what doesn’t. Around the time Darrin wrote us, a friend emailed a very simple lawn care flyer to us. In the email he stated he signed up with that particular lawn care operator. The flyer was painfully simple. It read at the top MOWING, followed by edging and blowing, free estimates and the name and phone number of the lawn care operator. As the lawn care operator was servicing this lawn, a neighbor walked over and asked him to mow his lawn too. Two clients were landed in that one day! Now that is keeping it simple.

When you are just starting up your lawn care business, keep this in mind. The more variables you use in your marketing, such things as giveaways, freebies with signed contracts or other elements, the more your marketing may go wrong without you knowing how to fix it. As a new entrepreneur, keep things simple. Experiment and explore with different marketing gimmicks only after you have gotten started and find yourself growing. Then you will have a baseline to compare the return on your marketing investments with older experiments to see if your new marketing campaign is working better or not.

I do hope discussing these lawn care marketing concepts has helped your landscaping business grow. To learn more about the lawn care business watch our show GopherHaul and listen to our podcasts. Visit our lawn care business forum at where you can download hundreds of free lawn care business logos, customer letters, door hangers, flyers and web templates. We also have lawn care business contracts available for free download. If you need lawn care business software to manage your billing & scheduling issues, please download our free 30 day trial of Gopher Lawn Care Business software at

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To learn more about the lawn care business watch our show GopherHaul and listen to our podcasts. All are free to download, visit
For free lawn care marketing material such as flyers, door hangers, web templates and lawn care business contracts visit
For a free 30 day trial download of our Gopher lawn care business billing and scheduling software visit

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