A lawn care business owners’ secret to marketing success, bikinis!

A few months back we produced our lawn care business show GopherHaul and spotlighted one lawn care business owner’s ticket to success. He offered a bikini lawn care service. Fast forward a few months and a new lawn care business owner has found similar success by following the same steps.

Lee, the owner of Tiger Time Lawn Care, was looking for a way to really generate a lot of word of mouth buzz for his new business. After watching our bikini lawn care special on GopherHaul, he decided to experiment with the idea himself. Hiring some local staff members who were willing to wear a bikini while operating power equipment was his first step.

Secondly Lee came up with a marketing strategy. He offered his bikini lawn care service as a fun and unique gift for dad’s and grad’s in the early summer. Once he implemented this, business really started to pick up. His lawn care staff really created quite a stir in the community. Motorists would slow their driving to a crawl to take a second look and see if their eyes were really deceiving them.

Next up a local rock radio station heard of this unique lawn care service and decided to contact Lee. The radio station did an on air interview and are offered his bikini lawn care service as a giveaway during a radio promotion spot. This led to a local Fox News channel sending a film crew out to videotape the bikini staff during their daily lawn service route. After all this media attention, Lee now finds himself with a lot more business. Who knows what is next for Lee. Maybe he will begin a franchise.

How amazing is it that in a few short months of getting his business started, he was able to garner all this media attention and local word of mouth buzz? He took a chance and that chance paid off. There was some initial discussion that not everyone would find the bikini lawn care service to be as fun of an idea as he did. But ultimately, there was no need for concern. It seems that bikinis and lawn care do in fact go hand in hand.

Now that I have seen two lawn care business owners successfully use the same bikini marketing strategy, I am positive others are sure to follow and why not? In business as in life, if something works, it will be repeated. These new marketing fads will fade in time as others rise in popularity. So the cycle of marketing and business will repeat themselves.

If you own and operate your own lawn care business and are looking for a unique marketing angle to really gain attention. Why not try adding a bikini lawn care service? To build some initial buzz, contact your local radio and television stations. Send out press releases about your service to the local papers and include photos. In no time you too may find yourself inundated with media interview requests which will lead to new clients signing up for your services.

Do you have a new marketing idea that has helped your lawn care business grow? Please share it with us and watch our latest episode of Gopherhaul on our site at http://www.gophergraphics.com. If you are in the Memphis, Tn area and would like to experience the bikini lawn care service first hand, contact Lee at http://www.tigertimelawncare.com . If you run a lawn care business and need billing and scheduling software, visit http://www.gophersoftware.com and download our free trial of Gopher Lawn Care Business Software.

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