Which lawn care business logo do you prefer?

It’s not an easy thing to create a logo for your lawn care business. With a logo, you are trying to create a visual icon that encapsulates a mood, your companies technical skill level, how you will interact with a customer, and what they can expect from you. If you make the logo too detailed, it won’t be easy to recreate or remember. If you make your logo too simple, it won’t stand out, so what do you do? That is what one business owner wondered when he asked the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, which logo they thought he should use.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have six logos that were made for The Grounds Crew but want to get some opinions first before I pick the final one. Any thoughts and comments?

Lawn Care Logo 5

Lawn Care Logo 5

If I wanted to add my number or website underneath I would have room to do so if I had a wider logo. Another issue I was thinking about was the usage of the logo. How a logo design can be an issue when you want to use it for profile pictures such as on facebook and twitter as well as for a car decal. Maybe I should go with just the initials of The Grounds Crew to have just the letters G C in the logo.

Lawn Care Logo 1

Lawn Care Logo 1

I just got a 6×12 enclosed landscape trailer so I will be putting some graphics on those as soon as more money comes in. I also finished my logo that will be used for my social media sites such as facebook and twitter. Overall I am leaning towards going with logo #2 as I feel it is the most sophisticated, elegant, and appealing at the same time. The second I looked at it I knew it looked professional.”

Lawn Care Logo 2

Lawn Care Logo 2

A second lawn care business owner said “the first thing I think about when I see a lawn care logo is the proportions and how it would look on the side of a truck. Would it fit well in the space on the door?

In my opinion I would rule out the last three and focus on one of the first three, or elements of each of them.

#4 is ‘fair’… I’m not wild about the ‘curve’ portion of the graphic.
#5 doesn’t read well - at all.
#6 has a nice graphic, but the emphasis is on the wrong word in my opinion.

Lawn Care Logo 3

Lawn Care Logo 3

I like #2 the most, as it has a more ‘refined/upscale’ look to it and has more options for the elements to be used in other forms.

#1 also has potential and can be reworked for better fit on various items.

Unless a logo lends itself well to both horizontal AND vertical applications, you are best served by having two versions. There is no rule that says you have to keep the trees on top if it doesn’t fit what you are using it on - move them to the right for example.

Lawn Care Logo 4

Lawn Care Logo 4

You don’t want to just make it fit whatever you are using it on by altering it to the point where there is no uniformity, but two versions is perfectly acceptable.

Using the letters GC would be a good idea for facebook and twitter like you said, and if you will be using hats or on the back of a two sided business card, but i think the GC idea would only work if your full company name is actually close by.

Overall, they are nicely done.”

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Lawn Care Logo 6

Lawn Care Logo 6

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