Using sites like groupon to promote lawn care services.

Is it worthwhile to get on these coupon sites to offer your lawn care services at a discount if in theory it means you might get a lot of new customers, quickly? That is the mindset of some coupon sites. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from veteran owners who have tried these different tactics in the past and lessons they learned from them.

One lawn care business owner asked “have any of you run a deal on sites like groupon that let you run deals for services? If you have, what has been your experience from it.

I just ran a deal for just mow, line trim, and blow for $37.00. Out of that, they will take 47%. So out of that I will get $19.61. I figured I’d give it a try and see if I can gain some customers after they use their voucher.

As for the deal I ran, that price is after the mark down of a 51% savings. It might be rough to make this work but you don’t know unless you give something a shot. I have it my stipulations that it’s only mowing, line trimming, and blowing debris off. Nothing else. Additional services are extra.”

A second lawn care business owner responded “I tried groupon last year. From my experience they sell your service to their list at half of your value for the service, they get half of that and you get the other half, 25%. So if you advertise a mowing service worth $150, you end up with roughly $37.50 for the service.

You lose based on that deal, but they will tell you by doing this, you will meet potential new future business this way if they are happy with your service. For me, even after marketing to these new people, I didn’t receive a single call back for additional services. If this idea is something you want to try, market to your current customer list by offering the same deal, cut out the middle guy (groupon) and make yourself 50% instead of 25%. You should be getting everyone’s email just for that purpose anyway. So you can run promotions from time to time.”

A third shared “there is a saying that goes, it takes money to make money. To say you have to lose money to gain money is absurd.

Businesses should be profit centers and not a roll of the dice. If you are not profiting from the services you offer then you are on a path to nowhere.

We live in a society where everyone wants to look like a big player but no one wants to spend the money. Sites that attract cheap customers like groupon are all a waste of time and are completely unneeded. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to participate in that crap to build your business because nothing could be further from the truth.

One landscaper may charge $40.00 to cut a lawn while another will cut the same exact lawn for $25.00. Why is that?

The guy that cuts for $40.00 is charging the right price and his route is full. He puts his day in and makes a good living as well as has built a business with a desirable customer base.

The other guy that charges $25.00 has to run around like a chicken with his head cut off and do almost double the work to make the same money but as a result has to work longer hours and increase his payroll and also do double the billing and rely on double the amount of people to pay him in a timely manner.

The way it works out in the end is the dude who works less and prices his jobs correctly makes more money and has a better more efficient business than the cut throat dude who is twice as busy.

The morale of the story is cutting your prices and being more busy does not translate into profits and profits are why we go into business in the first place.

Sales and gimmicks are good for retail businesses and food businesses but it does not work and is useless in the landscape industry.

I can cut my prices and make my phone ring three times more than it does now but why bother if at the end of the day it is gonna mean less profits and more hours and wear and tear on my business?”

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