Should you promote certain fertilizer products?

There are a lot of manufactures who make mowers, trimmers, and fertilizers. Does it make any sense at all to promote these brands on your website? Will these company’s brand name and good will positively effect your bottom line? In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from one entrepreneur who was looking into promoting a specific organic fertilizer brand and wondered if that would help his sales.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I was curious how you guys that go the natural route with organic fertilizers, do you advertise it? Do you point out a specific brand on your website ? Do you copy & paste some of their information onto your website? Do you come up with your own description & never mention the product you use? Just curious how you guys promote that you use organic fertilizers.

I would think an easy and simple way to do it would be to show some before and after pictures of what the organic spray services can do. If I promote the brand, maybe use some of their  marketing information. Maybe take some pictures from customers already using this service.It could help sell it further to others.

I don’t know if anyone would really care who manufactures the organic fertilizer so the brand might not be as important as the outcome.”

A second lawn care business owner added “I think organic fertilizer products are good but can be expensive. Customers are generally cheap and put results over any specific brand or whether you are using organic fertilizer or not. Most customers although they love the idea of the natural approach they don’t want the added cost.

Unfortunately if a fertilizer has the natural or eco freindly label on it, it generally costs more money to buy. In some cases it does cost more to make but most of the time it is cheaper to make than other fertilizers because it does not need epa approval and there are a lot of costs associated with manufacturing epa products.

In my experience I have found it easy for me to make my own organic fertilizer because I have extensive training and education in plant health care and anatomy of trees, shrubs, lawns and insects and diseases so it might be a little more trouble for a guy starting out to make his own fertilizer.

As far as advertising goes, we do promote the natural organic approach and we do list the products we use. In my state it is law that every customer receive a chemical products list that gives a description of the products trade and generic name as well as it’s toxicity levels and what it is used for.

Basically every product label we use is converted into a booklet form so the customer can look at their plant healthcare report that they get on each visit and use the chemical codes in conjunction with the booklet we supply to determine what exactly was used on their property.

When we apply fertilizer to only homeowners, doing this saved us a lot of grief from the customers that were chemo-phobes but since we have focused on more commercial properties for the last few years we rarely have any inquiries about the products we use even though we supply the same information and paperwork as we did with our homeowners.

To sum this all up. Do I advertise a specific fertilizer brand on my website? No. Do I market that I use organic fertilizers? Yes. Do I make and use my own organic fertilizer? Yes. You can read up on making your own organic fertilizer and start off slowly at first, testing it out on your own property. Then scale up as you get better and your results improve.”

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