Review my lawn care flyer and marketing strategy.

It’s difficult to be good at everything. Many times you may have a marketing idea or message you want to convey but you just can’t quite get out what you are envisioning in your head. On the flip side, sometimes you can get an idea and create the perfect message and design right away. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one entrepreneur asks his peers what they think of his lawn care flyer design and his marketing idea. Perhaps something in this discussion will help you create better ads in the future.

One lawn care business owner wrote “with spring now gearing up, I landed a deal with a local pizza place.  I offered to mow their property each week for free, it’s a 15 minute job per week, In return, they will put my lawn care flyer on top of every pizza box they deliver in areas of my choosing. I am also having my lawn care business cards put on each table and at the register. That is the plan for the flyer I posted below. I almost forgot, the restaurant is located in an upper class area and is only 5 minutes from my home. I think I made a good deal.

Review my lawn care flyer.

Review my lawn care flyer.

I will be ordering 2,000 to get me going. The flyer I admit is a little childish! Around here everyone is a pro! Being a little off beat may helps me stand out in my advertising. We will see what happens and the end results will speak for themselves.

I’d like to get a little feedback or a review of my lawn care flyer and my marketing concept.”

A second lawn care business owner said “do you have a local business packing and shipping store? They usually charge about $35 for a simple flyer design. Too many people do this graphic design stuff themselves when they are not qualified to do so.

No offense. Not everyone can mow a lawn properly and not everyone can be a graphic designer.
Isn’t your success worth at least $35?”

A third added “I think the marketing idea is kick ass and I like it. Your design hints to me of you being a small time operation and not a major organization where I’d have a different crew on my property every other week. I don’t think its childish at all. I’d call on this flyer before I called any of the ads in the paper.”

A fourth said “this is why you don’t ask for graphic design advice from people who are not qualified to give it. As a graphic artist, I worked in advertising for over ten years, I see it all the time here (and elsewhere)…

‘Hey, how does this flyer look?’


‘Looks great, but you should capitalize everything.’

‘Add a clump of grass and it will be PERFECT!’

I could poop on a sheet of paper and draw a lawnmower next to it and JUST because there’s a lawnmower there, LAWN people would say it looks ‘GREAT!’


I know this is coming off wrong. I don’t mean to be an ass, but seriously, you aren’t really expecting calls from ‘high end’ clients with that flyer, are you?

You could use that same information and make a few small changes and it would make all the difference in the world, because, yes, as it is, it looks ‘childish’ for lack of a better word.

OK. Now for constructive criticism:

  • I do like the smiling sun. It’s casual, but it’s ‘happy’ and ‘positive’. If you carry that image onto all of your promotional pieces, it gives you a consistent image that people will remember. I’m betting the ladies will key in on it, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I work for a LOT of women. It doesn’t ‘pop’ as much in black and white, but that’s OK.
  • The biggest issue with the images used are that there are three different styles of art - it looks like you just grabbed whatever you could find.
  • The sidewalk portion just needs to go. Period.
  • If you must use a tree, please find one that doesn’t look like a drawing that has been photocopied ten thousand times. It’s just a bad piece of art.
  • A good layout must always have an attention getter. That could be an image, a headline, whatever. Look at your flyer - there isn’t one thing that is dominant - all the elements are fighting for attention.
  • Typical of almost every amateur graphic designer is the placement of the business name at the top. With some exceptions, that is almost always the wrong place for it.
  • A HEADLINE/attention getter/call to action should be at the top.

For instance:

with Signed Contract!

Let Us Take Care of Everything

Company info and phone number should be at the bottom.

  • The box around the phone number has no real purpose - remove it.
  • I would remove ‘Services Offered’. It just sort of floats there and the services offered are pretty obvious without needing to say it.
  • Note that things like the dash at the end of a line shouldn’t be there.
  • Also, broken descriptives should be avoided - keep them on one line. see: “French Drain Installation” above. If it’s too long for the first line, bump the whole thing to the next line - don’t break it up.

Hope that helps. I apologize if I’m coming off too harsh. Good luck! The pizza box arrangement could be a really positive thing. I just hate to see you waste such a great opportunity by not putting in just a little more effort into promoting yourself effectively.”

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