Lawn care website seo tips.

How is your lawn care website ranking when you do a search for lawn care services in your town? Are you appearing in the top spot or at least the top three spots? If not, you need to take some time to improve your lawn care website search engine optimization. Here are some tips and examples of how to do this from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “an important piece in the puzzle of getting your lawn care website to rank high in search engine results is to have each page focus on a specific keyword or keyword phrase. Keywords need to be included in the body of your webpage and you can differentiate them from other words on your page by underlining, bolding or italicizing them. Try using your keywords between 2-5% of the total text appearing on that page. Make sure your keyword also appears in the title of your page.

You can take the usage of keywords further by using them in the title of the pictures you use on your page. Don’t take someone else’s pictures from another site. You want them each to be unique as search engines can tell if your image is unique to your site or not. Each picture needs to have the correct alt and title tags. Depending on your internet browser, those tend to appear when you hover your mouse over a picture and a little text box pops up with them.

Lawn care website seo tips.

Lawn care website seo tips.

With your keywords you should focus on your town and state along with the service you are discussing. For instance Las Vegas, NV should be used in your title and keywords if you are offering lawn care in Las Vegas, Nevada. By targeting your geographic location with your town and state in your keywords, will eventually move up in searches for Las Vegas Lawn Care.

Here are some more tips:

  1. When you write the content for your site make sure it is in a conversational tone. Don’t just keep repeating the same keyword over and over again. If you use it too many times, search engines will consider your site to be spammy and lower it’s value.
  2. Every so often make the text for your keywords bold, italic, or underlined. Google notices this.
  3. Every so often use your keywords to link to other pages within your website. So if you have lawn mowing on your home page link it to your lawn mowing services page and do this for other services as well. Interlink your specific services with their specific service page.”

A second lawn care business owner said “if you want your lawn care website to stick out you need to focus on great content with the correct keywords. Become the resident expert in your specific field with a blog about lawn care, pruning, flower beds, lawn maintenance and so on. Create a couple of short how to videos on youtube using your keywords in the video title and video description. Embed these videos in your blog using the code youtube gives you and get out there and socialize on-line. Respond to questions viewers of your videos and readers of your blog leave you.

On our main site we have an average of 4,000 unique visitors a day! Not 4K hits a day,  these are actual unique visitors. That equates to 120,000 a month and 1,460,000 visitors a year! How many links do I have from other sites coming back? Somewhere around 5 or 6, which isn’t many at all.

What you really need to know is what are people typing into the search engines when they are trying to find someone like you to perform the services they need.

Getting people to come to your site is only half the battle though. Once they are there you need to figure out how to make them take the next step which would be contacting you for possible work. People like to know, what do you have to offer, what is it going to cost, and do you have pictures and references of your prior work?

Some lawn care website elements I found to be important are:

  • Have a page with photos of yourself and staff with contact information.
  • Have a page with photos and descriptions of your work.
  • Give your customer an idea of what it might cost! I know a lot of people that hate to put prices in because they fear it may lose them possible potential customers.

Think about this. Are you more inclined to want to know more about mower blades (using this as an example) if the ad has a good description, price and photo or if the ad just says ‘mower blades for sale’?

Mower blades vary depending on the size of the deck and application. The same holds true for the lawn care business. But an ad with lawn X that costs X amount of money with a photo may well get you in the door more so than an ad that just says ‘lawn care services’.”

Want to learn more about lawn care website SEO? Order this lawn care business SEO book - “The Search Engine Optimization Workbook For Lawn Care Business Owner Websites” today.

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