Lawn care presentation at a big box store got me 9 jobs!

Do you know a little about the different types of lawns in your area? If you are running a lawn care business, you probably know more than the average home owner. Did you ever think you could turn that knowledge into a lawn care marketing method that could bring you new customers? Well it can! Check out this story from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and see how one business owner put on a presentation at a local big box store and got a bunch of jobs out of it! Check out how he did it and see if you could do it too!

He wrote “I am always thinking about different ideas to further promote my lawn care business. A few weeks back, I was walking through one of the local big box stores and saw they had different seminars presentations. I thought to myself this would be a great way to reach out to new lawn care customers, if I gave my own! So I talked to the manager and asked how I could put one on. I told him that I could put a presentation on was organic lawn care techniques. He thought that would work great and gave me a spot!

Here is what my in store lawn care clinic consisted of. I did it on a Saturday and over the past two weeks, I got nine jobs from it!

Lawn Care Big Box Presentation

Lawn Care Big Box Presentation

I had a poster board with the four main turfs of the area - Bermuda, Centipede, Tall Fescue, and Kentucky Blue Grass.

For each, I had listed:

Mowing height
Ideal pH
Proper feeding (not just fertilization, covering macro and micro nutrients)
Lawn diseases
Insect control
Sun preference and ranges
Over seeding (when and how)

I then showed lawn care maintenance procedures (edging, aerating, dethatching) with store supplied equipment. I showed how using a mulching blade (again with store blades) put both macro and micro nutrients back into the soil.

Probably 85% of the lawns around here have Centipede grass which requires different care than all other turfs. I stressed this during the presentation and covered what needs to be done differently.

The presentation theme was organic techniques (again with store products for display).

In total, the presentation lasted about a hour including a question and answer period at the end. They even paid me with a $75.00 gift card!

Here is my advice if you want to try this yourself.

  • Remember they want you to promote their products
  • Know the types of turf for the area
  • Don’t promote yourself over the store

Now that doesn’t mean I couldn’t promote my lawn care business at all. I did bring a flyer to hand out that basically tells them to go to my website for more information. From there, they can contact me through my contact page information with any questions or specific needs.

The show was such a success that they have asked me to do the seminars at three other local area stores and will pay me $0.50 per mile traveled plus the $75.00.

I had about 43 people turn out for the presentation. Out of that, I so far got nine jobs from it, including a $4,500 lawn renovation job.

So do a little investigating and see if you can put on your own show too! You may be pleasantly surprised to see what kinds of results you get.”

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