A lawn care marketing method people HATE!

When you are trying to attract new lawn care customers, the last thing you want to do is get them mad at you. There are certainly plenty of ways to trip up with your lawn care marketing and here is one that was discussed on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that you should absolutely avoid at all costs.

One lawn care business owner wrote “here’s an idea on how to get lawn care customers. Create your flyer/ad/postcard. Place it in a zip-lock baggie with a few of those decorative white stones. Throw them in driveways as you drive down the street.

They’ll stay protected, weighted down, and get noticed. It’s faster than sticking a flyer in the mailbox or going door to door with lawn care door hangars.”

A second lawn care business owner wrote “no, don’t do that. Don’t litter. Don’t put garbage in people’s driveways or yards. Just don’t. It’s trashy, classless and pure, straight-up ghetto.

Not only would I make sure to NOT hire you but if you throw garbage in my yard and I’ll make you miserable. MISERABLE!

I don’t mean to rip on you but that is just such a bad idea. I just hate, hate, HATE this idea. It’s just not a good thing to do. I imagine it’s also illegal. Fines for littering are $300 per incident in this area. Imagine getting busted for throwing 200 baggies. That’s $60,000!”

lawn care flyer in baggie with rocks

lawn care flyer in baggie with rocks

A third lawn care business owner said “instead of doing the old rock in the baggie with the flyer marketing method, I put a hole in the corner of my lawn care flyer and put a rubber band through the hole then through the rubber band, so it can hang on a door knob. This method needs no staples.

It’s hard enough to get a call from flyers, why make it worse by pissing off the homeowners?

Another thing you could, if you are hell bent on using flyers and weighing them down with something as your chosen lawn care marketing method, why not instead get small envelopes and put grass seed in them. Then use the seed as weight and staple it to your lawn care flyer. On your flyer you might want to say use this attached envelope of lawn seed to touch up any bare spots you may have on your lawn and then when you need lawn care, give us a call. You also might want to include some instructions on envelop, on how to get the best results from the grass seed.

But if you do this, don’t just drive down the street and fling them out the car door, place them on the ground in front of the front door. ”

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