Lawn care marketing lessons I learned over time.

Have you been using the same lawn care marketing message every year and getting poor results? Consider changing things up this season with these tips from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Change one marketing element here and another there until you are getting the response to your marketing that you are looking for.

One lawn care business owner wrote “to be successful in the landscaping industry you need to market often and use an attention grabbing offer with no BS to get the phone ringing.

What I have learned is people want a great offer today, not in a month or two. I suggest using a discount on the first mowing and then quickly weed out customers who you don’t want.

For example: instead of offering a percentage off, make an offer of $X off your first mow!

  • Make it clear that it is a one off per customer.
  • Make an offer that at least covers your expenses minus labor, but seems too good to refuse and I will guarantee that you will build a client base very fast.
  • Once you have your foot in the door and have done a good job the first time,  the customer will accept your full price quote, almost whatever you ask.

The main thing customers decide on when choosing somebody to mow their lawn is how much they like you as a person, followed by your work product, and lastly price.

I keep my referral programs separate in my marketing. I offer friends and relatives the same one off offer, but I make it seem extra special, and give each referral three or four ’special referral coupons’ to give out to others. I give the original client a free mow for referrals.

Keep in mind that multiple referring clients are worth many thousands of dollars over time, and each referral will result in a possible long term relationships and many more dollars.

You don’t need to waste ad space on a post card or flyer with anything dealing with referrals or much about who you are. The main headline should explain what you do, and take up most of your page space, with a little room for your number. If you want to include other services, allocate a very small line for them down the bottom.

Forget the impulse to use the marketing angle the ‘first 5 customers will get…’ etc, it will only puts negative thoughts into your potential customers heads. When ever I hear this in ads I suspect that I will never be the qualified customer, so I don’t call.
Your offer should be limited by time only. Make sure you list the customer’s opportunity window by giving a finishing date. That way, all the customer has to do to qualify is to pick up the phone now.

When I look at my own marketing, I stand back a bit and look at the overall picture, and judge whether or not my main message is most of what you see. I want the content of my message to be great, with possibly a picture of a lovely lawn, and I at least triple the font of my headline over the text in my body. Next think about highlighting it in a standout way like a red, or contrasting banner or something. Grandparents running with grandchildren

Think about offering a money back guarantee too. These additions can really put a client’s mind at ease, that you are not just a guy mowing lawns simply for beer money.

I always highlight my headline and offer a guarantee. You only get 2-3 seconds of read time when a client is deciding to throw your advertisement in the trash or keep your it for later. Keep the message simple and large enough so that it doesn’t get lost in the overall picture.

Try these steps and see if your marketing improves.’

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