Lawn care flyer and business card marketing tips.

With every lawn care marketing method you use, there are going to be variables that when tweaked can make the difference between them being effective or not. There will also be signs that can point to reasons why certain methods turn out to be ineffective. Here is a great discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that shine a light on this topic with some solid examples you can follow.

One lawn care business owner wrote “has anyone had a lot of luck with tear offs on the bottom of your lawn care flyers hung up in grocery stores, bars, party or stores as opposed to going door to door and hanging them in the storm door?

So far from my lawn care marketing experimentation putting them in stores I have curiously gotten zero calls and strangely all the tabs have been torn off, but still no calls? What gives?

I understand the cheapest way to grow is to obtain a few lawn care customers and then build a referral system with them. But since I am really trying to grow faster than normal I have been trying all sorts of marketing methods. I am going to hang more tear off tab flyers, advertise in newspapers, and am having business cards printed up right now from a local print shop.

Before I do any lawn care marketing, I ask myself a few simple questions and try to answer them honestly. If the answers make sense then I will continue with the experimentation.

1. When you do such marketing you have to ask yourself, how many potential customers are going to be visiting such stores?

Well around where I live, almost every establishment has a billboard when you walk in the door. I figure, hell, all I have to do is print them off my computer, and try it. If it works, great. If not, maybe I waited too late in the season.

2. Will your message be getting to homeowners and more importantly, the decision makers of those homes?

That is the idea, however even when that is the case, it doesn’t always go accordingly. Like sometimes the wife might call for an estimate because the husband has either been too lazy or busy to mow the lawn. So she calls you and you get there and the husband is already pushing the mower.

3. Or will the marketing reach people living in places where they have no control or interest in their lawn care such as apartment dwellers?

Since I¬† live in a small town that has no apartments , I don’t find it to be an issue, however there are a lot of people with vacation homes and vacationers that go along with them.”

A second lawn care business owner said “if you are showing up to check on your flyers and you still see them there but are getting no calls and all the tabs are torn off, it sounds like the competition is playing hardball and doing it to stop you from getting your marketing message out.

There is a biz card Bulletin Board at my local car wash. I throw cards on it every week, and they disappear. But none of my leads seem to be coming from there. There is a Big Landscaping Company on there and I have been wondering for a while if they are the reason my cards are missing.

Another thing you can try with the bulletin boards is instead of using tear off tabs, make a bulletin board flier with a pocket for your lawn care business business cards. It will stay neat looking and the cards can easily be restocked.

Here is another lawn care marketing method I employ. Since the grass is growing now it is a good time to zero in on people that don’t want to cut their lawn or lost their landscaper. We staple rubber bands to business cards, which I know can be a bit time consuming, but I just do it while I’m watching tv or something. I figure it’s only 2 cents each to do this.

Since the grass is growing, anytime we see a house that could use some work, we attach the business card rubber band to their mailbox flag. This way, we don’t have to walk far and the potential customer has to take it off, even to just throw it away. They will still see the message I am trying to get to them and more likely than not, they will keep the card. You can also do this with magnetic business cards. With them, you don’t staple the rubber band, instead you would just loop it through the hole.

This works great for me since there are a lot of tourist or seasonal owners in my area. Those are one of my target customer types since they come to rent or live at their cottage and don’t want to spend the weekend doing yard work. I get most of my calls from them.”

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