Ideas on how to make your own lawn care trailer.

A big part of being successful as an entrepreneur lies in your ability to be creative and experimental. Sometimes you apply that creativity in your marketing, other times you can apply it in the tools and equipment you use. There is nothing like customizing your equipment to perform a function you need it to perform. Here is a great example of that from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, when one entrepreneur showed us a new enclosed landscape trailer he built.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I needed extra storage so I took a $100 5′x8′ utility trailer frame and built an enclosed trailer out of it. The original lights worked, I just needed a ground wire fixed. I also added reflective tape and she was ready to be registered.

After I put it all together I decided to add some indoor LED lights. I made a power box with two scooter batteries. I have a 22 volt solar panel and three smaller panels wired at 15 volts, trickle charging the batteries. I thought of wiring in some cigarette lighter outlets to power random things as well.

Homemade Lawn Care Trailer

Homemade Lawn Care Trailer

The damage.

  • $100 for trailer frame.
  • $100 for wood.
  • $20 registration.
  • $10 for locks.
  • $20 for four solar panels,
  • $15 for vinyl decals.
  • $20 12 volt led lights for auto.
  • $20 bolts, nails, glue, screws.
  • $20 for paint.
  • 2 free batteries rescued from the transfer station.

It was once a 1970’s valley utility trailer. I don’t know maybe the times were different then but the frame beams are 3x thicker then my newer 6′x10′ trailer. There was minor surface rust mostly around where the lights go.

The front end seems heavy to me now that I have made it. I am thinking that’s because how I crammed stuff in there to fit maybe I need to redistribute the weight. Right now the trailer will more be for storage than anything. I haven’t used it for jobs but may need to at times.

Homemade landscape trailer

Homemade landscape trailer

The total fabrication time couldn’t be more than 6 hours. The majority was spent on the ramp. It didn’t seem strong enough with 3/4 plywood, so I added a extra piece of 3/8 and two strips where the wheels would go. I glued and screwed it all together. It’s stable but ugly.

I only plan on using it just around town. It handles better now actually than it did empty. Wind drag may be a issue on the highway though and I am finding that out as I use it.

I do have a big vinyl sign I want to put on each of the sides to help further promote my business. I would really like to get a good painter to do a landscape of some sort on it as well.

If I could do anything differently about it now, I would’ve made it taller. Also, I would have added solar panels to charge the on board batteries.”

Homemade lawn mowing trailer

Homemade lawn mowing trailer

A second lawn care business owner said “after looking at your design, I think you may need to add some support beams in the front. By the looks of it, crushing the milk crate, it’s pretty tongue heavy and that could cause some serious problems. But otherwise, very creative and good job. I’ve walled my trailer before, but had to take it apart again because of the wind drag.”

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