How to find lawn care customers mid-season.

It can be a very unsettling feeling to find yourself mid mowing season without a full mowing schedule. In a blink of an eye, fall will be here and then winter. If you don’t maximize your mowing time when the grass is still growing, you could find yourself in a bad spot during the slower times of the year. So what is a landscaper to do? How does one find lawn care customers mid season? That is the topic from this Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum discussion. Continue reading to pick up a few tips and tricks from the pros on how they fill up their schedule.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’ve got several lawns on foreclosed homes that I maintain but now I’m interested in moving my lawn care business into a more full time position. I’m wondering though I know it is hard to do, what is the best approach to gaining mowing contracts in the middle of the season?

All my properties so far are bank owned foreclosed homes. I am thinking of having some yard signs made up to place by the curbs of these homes when I mow them. Is this a good idea? Also I’m thinking about getting magnets made to put on my truck but am wonder if it would give a professional impression or make me look like a ‘Fly by Night’ operation. Any opinion?”

A second lawn care business owner responded “I have one word for you, ADVERTISE.

There are a dozen reasons why people look for lawn service mid season.

  • They just moved into a new home.
  • They are moving to another location, but need lawn maintained until house sells.
  • Injury / Decline health.
  • New baby - no time.
  • Just plain tired of doing it.
  • The last guy did a lousy job.
  • The last guy raised his prices.

I picked up people all season long last year. I have even received calls from people who started out mowing their grass, until the summer heat kicked in, and then they realize rather would rather be inside watching the game and drinking a cold one.”

A third shared “here are some of the things I look for any time of the season to produce new clients.

  1. Rutting on lawns from big 60″ ztr mowers……Selling point!
  2. Sidewalk and driveway crack weeds……Selling point!
  3. Improper edging practices, receding bed lines, groves cut into sidewalk or pavers etc……Selling point!
  4. Excessive grass clumps left by those mow and go boys……Selling point!
  5. Herbicide drift that burns the edge of turf facing bed line……Selling point!

Try not to be in to big a hurry in your daily operations and seek out those who are… If you find yourself too busy hire a part timer and keep on mowing!”

A fourth added “Contact Google and have them mail you a packet to fill out, or do this online, so you can register as a lawn care provider in your area. Use a ton of key words when doing this. I get a couple calls a week from Google. Most are for basic services but when I get there, I do a pretty good job upselling! Maybe advertise for Aeration in the spring and fall, then other services at other times of the year. Tell your customers to spread the word that your aerating and offer them an extensive discount for referrals .”

A fifth said “let me ask you, what’s cheaper - driving from one zip code to the next or dropping your trailer door and knocking out 4 houses on the same street?

Since your already working on the block, make up an intro flier and take a few bucks off your regular price - people will bite. You’re already working there and you have a direct contact for next season.

Offer vacation mowing to your 1 time clients. This is a huge sales opportunity for mulch, trimming, fertilization and weed control sales.

Contact all of your past clients now and offer them a discount for mid season mowing.

There’s nothing worse than a silent cell phone!”

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