Building your own landscape trailer.

Depending on your skill set, time available, and the tools you have at your disposal, you may find building your own landscape trailer to be more fun and cheaper than going out and buying one already made. That is what this one entrepreneur did on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. He shared with us a little about the process, the time it took, and the amount of money he spent. In the end, he got exactly what he wanted at half the price he would have paid retail for such a trailer.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have just recently started my lawn care company a few months ago and I realized something I desperately needed was a landscape trailer. I already had other lawn equipment for taking care of my own property so I went out to look at the prices of trailers. I couldn’t find anything that I felt would fit my needs so I decided to make my own landscape trailer and it turned out great.

Here are a few pics of the landscape trailer I made. I have $485.00 in it and will need to spend another $60.00 on wood and it will be done.

Landscape trailer

Landscape trailer

It’s made with 5 x 10 1/4 inch thick angle iron.

Along the sides there are 10 ratchet strap holders that I am planing using to mount wooden sides. I want to cut 10 - 2 x 4’s 10 inches long and notch them 1/4 inch on each side so they will fit in the holders then make a frame with 2 x 4’s and cover them with 1 x 6’s to allow me to add/remove sides for when I need to haul bulk materials/leaves.

I probably have a little under 60 hours of time spent in construction of the trailer so far with some of that time me just sitting down and scratching my head thinking because I have never built one before.

The metal comes in 20 foot lengths or 4 x 8 sheets so I did 5 and 10 foot lengths and made the ramp 4 feet long.

When my business grows I will get a larger commercial mower and move up to a bigger trailer.

Building your own landscape trailer.

Building your own landscape trailer.

My feeling on all this is why buy a used trailer when you can build a brand new one that is exactly what you want it to be and works how you want it. Plus you get the satisfaction of building it yourself.

Any new landscape trailer this size that I priced was $1,200.00 plus tax. I already had the axle wheels and tires so I thought this would be a great project. I am actually thinking about making a few trailers during my downtime this winter for some extra cash. If you can weld and have a welder I say go GOPHER it!

Build your own landscape trailer/

Build your own landscape trailer.

I had a friend paint the trailer and I will pick it up tomorrow after I figure out how to get it registered and get a license plate for it. Then I will get some pricing on signs for the trailer. I am thinking a 2 ft x 4 ft sign for the back of the trailer gate would really grab attention.

After experimenting with placing some equipment on the trailer I realized it wasn’t balanced properly. To fix this I am going to have to cut the axle off and move it back about two foot. I don’t have enough weight on the trailer tongue with the ramp installed on the back. I underestimated how heavy the ramp would be. When I slide the axle back it should raise the back end of the trailer and it will sit more level. I will also be adding the fenders when I get the axle in it’s final position.”

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