Best lawn care marketing methods when you are starting out.

Which lawn care marketing method will work best for a new start up mowing business? More than likely it is going to be one that requires less money and more time. When you get started, you tend to have more time than money so harnessing that time seems to be the key to finding success as we will see here in this discussion on The Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One new business owner wrote “I just started my lawn care business to try and pay my way through college. Since I am new, I was wondering what lawn care marketing methods are the cheapest and most effective way to get your name out there.”

A second business owner said “the best and cheapest way to let someone know about your new business is to tell them.

In other words, go door to door letting potential lawn care customers know that you are in business and would like to give them a free estimate to mow their yard.

Give out business cards like crazy. Put them everywhere, like gas stations, stores and businesses. You could go to the big box home/garden centers and spend the day handing out business cards to customers in the garden area. I’ve used all these methods and they have helped me grow.

I figure if you are not busy mowing lawns, then you should be busy getting customers. Take that free time you have and go knocking on doors. Even though it’s the most time consuming lawn care marketing method, it’s the least expensive other than word of mouth. So get busy and get to it!”

A third business owner shared “utilize your social network including your friends at school and college. Tell all of them what you are up to and ask them to help spread the word too. In the summer I hire up to 12 college students to help me market. Last year they brought in a lot of work on their own just through people they knew, parents, friends of parents etc. The first year can be a little slower than we all would like, but you have to keep at it. It simply takes time to build the business up.

Have a nice lawn care flyer or postcard designed outlining what services you offer. Only buy the equipment as the work comes on. I personally have lawn care post cards that are designed for each specific service I offer. The cards are B & W on the back and outline everything we do, website, contact information etc. On the front, they are full color. When I am out around town, I will drop these different cards off at different locations if I see they could utilize a specific service I offer. On all of my marketing, I always encourage people to go to my website, as it’s a lot cheaper than trying to jam in a lot of information on one card.”

Lawn care post card

Lawn care post card

A fourth said “usually I will put lawn care flyers in the neighborhoods that are in my target area. To spread my name out further than that area, I’ve put flyers and business cards in local oil change business locations in the waiting rooms. When people take their cars in to get an oil change, they usually end up waiting in the office, bored, so just to make the time go faster, they’ll pick up your flyer and business card.

I didn’t really advertise in the oil change places until winter when I wanted more snow removal clients. Amazingly, the turn out was better than putting flyers in door to door. My lawn care marketing budget was low, so this was a good way to go about it. This just goes to show you that you never know which lawn care marketing method will work well for you until you experiment with different ones.”

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