A teen’s lawn care business flyer example.

Starting a lawn care business as a teen can be challenging as we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. It can be difficult to properly estimate jobs as you don’t have much experience doing it and it can also be tough to be taken seriously by the client. With all that said, if you are looking for ways to gain new mowing customers and are in need of ideas on how to create your mowing flyer, here is an example and a little about how it worked.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I started in the mowing business at 14 and did pretty good for a kid. My estimates weren’t uniform though so I could make $20 hourly on some lawns, but on other lawns I might make $7 hourly.

I ended up ditching all my customers at 17 because high school kept me busy and depressed and my dad was being an ass about driving me to lawns. Skip ahead 2 years, I graduated, partied too much and had many frustrations with job applications, so now I’m back in the lawn game!

So far I have 12 mowing accounts, with the smallest being 1,500 sq ft and largest being 20,000 sq ft (I make $18-ish hourly on that one, pretty much charity work). To try and get more customers, I printed glossy full color flyers at $.35 a pop and got around a 2 customers per 100 response rate, in the surrounding giant neighborhoods with small lawns.

With my name starting to get out in the local areas I’m excited to canvass more neighborhoods and see the profit come in as the season goes on, as well as begin to provide fertilizing and weed removal so I can mow all those emerald green lawns and make the neighbors jealous!

Here is what my lawn care flyer looks like. The only thing I may change is the picture I used of myself. But besides that, I am pretty happy with the flyer.

Lawn care business flyer example.

Lawn care business flyer example.

As I spend a good deal of my time on lawns with the good ol trimmer, my skills have improved a lot since I previously had worked on lawns. I’ve found it much much easier now to run a business as well, using real invoices, my own vehicle, and having more time to think things out beforehand before I make any big decisions. Also not killing myself on large properties for little pay has been a joy.

It was also a little awkward when I was that younger, trying to properly estimate lawns. I always strove for perfection but some people thought it could be hazardous for a minor to mow lawns and be too dangerous.”

A second lawn care business owner said “my only concern with your flyer is the photo of yourself. I know you already pointed it out. To me it looks like a prom picture, or a real estate agent. Instead I’d suggest changing it to you holding a trimmer or pushing a lawn mower or something.

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