I need more services to offer to make more money.

If you have a limited amount of mowing customers and that isn’t enough to pay your bills, you can find more customers or you can offer more services to those customers to make more money at each mowing stop. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear some service ideas that can be offered to improve profitability per stop. Maybe you could utilize a few of these ideas to improve your bottom line.

One lawn care business owner asked “I’m trying to bring in some extra income to help out with my newborn son and I’ve decided to try and start my own business on the side. My question is, what services are others including in there residential customer’s mowing. Currently I just mow, trim , and blow off sidewalks etc. but it’s been a month since I’ve needed to mow, due to the weather, and not there hasn’t been much income coming in with the few mowing clients I have. Should I change up my service to a flat monthly fee and include property clean ups such as picking up branches, blowing leaves out of beds, and so on. I don’t want to cheat my customers with a full month of mows when my blades won’t even touch the lawn 3 out of 4 weeks.”

A second lawn care business owner responded “the way I handle all of my yards is pretty much if I show up, then the yard gets mowed. I may not edge or line trim every time depending on how it looks. I do try and at least run the weed eater in the key areas (each yard is different). I am one that always runs my mower so if I have a worker for the day, I either pick out some shrubs that need trimming or a bed blown out or just find something to get done.

Also it is important to think about upsells. Offering mulch, pine straw, gutter cleaning, etc. If I see something that I can make a few bucks off of, I don’t mind offering it to the customer and you shouldn’t either. Keep your eyes open. There are money making opportunities all around you.”

A third shared “I mow, trim, edge, and blow off everything. I only edge every other week, and I only trim what is really needed.

Try to sell them on other things such as mulch, cleanup, gutter cleaning, hedge trimming, anything they possibly need done.

I see a lot of people getting their houses pressure washed. So I tried to do the power washing on homes, but the power washer I had was just a cheap 2,300 psi unit. I did some door hanging for power washing the other day on a trailer park that has appearance requirements. I’m hoping I can get some jobs lined up there so I can upgrade to a better power washer.

I got a late start in the season with power washing. I’ve been dropping off business cards and flyers at every corner market and in the club houses of some high end golf courses trying to gain more business. Everyone I talk to I treat as a potential future client. It’s just a slow year here. People are asking a lot for bush hogging so maybe I will offer that next year.

As for the monthly flat fee, I would say maybe try to sell them on some kind of contract where you service their lawn x amount a times a month for $x amount of dollars, that way your still getting income regardless if the lawn really needed mowed or not. A lot of people will wait until their grass really needs a mowing before they call. Remember you are only supposed to cut 1/3 of the grass height to keep it healthy.”

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