How to speed up the process of picking up acorns and twigs.

Have you ever tried to perform a fall leaf cleanup service on a property with a lot of oak trees? With a leaf blower, you will probably only be able to clear out all the leaves and then you may find yourself still having to deal with acorns, twigs and branches. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum wanted to hear from some of the veterans, what they did to improve efficiency when it came to yard clean ups. Continue to read to hear some of their tips.

One lawn care business owner wrote “what’s the best way to pick up acorns and branches/twigs?  In this day and age we can’t still be using a rake for this stuff!

I don’t know how acorns are in your area but in mine they are hard as a stone and are quite abundant. So much so that a good size oak will fill up a couple large landscaper barrels. They are also heavier and the machine won’t suck them up as well as the ones that do, can shoot them out like a missile!

To top it off, if they sit for a while and soften up, they germinate and sprout. Then they anchor themselves to the lawn. Houses that have oaks I usually charge more for clean ups and if they have a ton of oaks, they pay big.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I use a lawn sweeper that I can pull it behind my tractor or ZTR. Their functionality has come a long way in recent years. I bought my first one maybe 4 or 5 years ago, aside from leaves, I end up plowing some gravel onto my yards and was looking for an easy way to pick them up. I tried two different models and they did a pretty good job, then I read a review on the Gopher Forum on this Smart Sweeper so I bought one and the results were very good, rocks, leaves, twigs and acorns.

The other thing I use is a commercial blower and sometimes a combination of both, it’s not perfect but it sure saves me a lot of time raking.

We use it a lot on clients lawns, works great for dog poo also. For leaves however it’s tough to beat those lawn vacs. I swear by them and keep one on my property at all times.

I don’t know what kind of mower you have however the unit I have came with a plate to mount the connection. I suspect you could weld one on, the tongue weight is nothing you just need some way to attach it.”

A third shared “a power broom attachment on a weed wacker works REALLY REALLY good on acorns. The rubber paddle type. It’s also my favorite for cleaning up the plow mess off of lawns with peastone driveways too.”

A fourth added “the acorns and small stuff break down quickly. Pick up the bigger stuff, mulch the rest with the mower. Why make more work out of it than it has to be?”

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