Where should you park your open landscape trailer?

If you are limited on funds and space, as most new business owners are, this discussion, from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, will give you some ideas of what to do when you have an open landscape trailer that you are trying to use daily with little space to store it. After reading this, you may want to rethink if an open or enclosed trailer is best for you.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I would like to know is it possible to store an open utility trailer outside? If so, do you cover the equipment with a tarp? And how do you take care of securing the equipment down?

If it’s not possible, what should I be looking to spend for a used 6X10 enclosed landscape trailer in fair condition? Sure I’d love to park my trailer in a garage and lock it up but I don’t have one, nor do I have the money at the moment to rent a storage space for it.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I am broke too and without a garage so mine stays outside. Mostly all I ever haul on it is the lawn tractor and that gets loaded and unloaded every time it’s used as it gets stored out of the weather in a shed.

I have yet to have an issue and my trailer sits in front of my house in the driveway so I can just hook and book. I hope some day to be big enough to afford an enclosed trailer but until then, this will have to do.”

A third added “I have a storage yard mostly used for boats that is really close to my house. It has gated entry and only costs $40 a month. I keep my equipment on the trailer and keep the trailer in the storage yard. The more I grow, the more I see it just makes sense to save for a fully enclosed one.”

A fourth shared “the only open trailer I have is a 20ft, used to haul logs to the mill. As for weathering it, it’s used to hall logs, so it will never be pretty. I just paint it once a year with rust preventive paints.

But if you have equipment that you don’t want wet when it’s parked at home, I would suggest a car port that just has the roof on it. Then later you can buy metal for the rear, and sides. Car ports around here go for around $200-800 depending on size, and tin about $17 a sheet (roofing tin) last time I check anyway. I also recommend 4×4 timbers run down each side at 3-4 a side (1-2 in rear) concreted into the ground 2-3ft, and lag bolted to the metal car port frame. Then use 2×4’s run down them connecting them to each other for strength. We run 1 row up top of the 4×4 and 1 row middle down the 4×4’s all the way around (mean connecting all 3 sides). Cause once you put side on the thing, you no longer have to worry about wind getting under it (which is why they blow down/twist). We did this to my buddies and even put a garage door on it (framed it in). We did his for under $700, which he got the car port pretty cheap. It seems pretty strong and has made it through a number of bad storms. Not saying the next wind won’t take it away but we have done a pretty good job securing it.

To be honest though, if your worried about you equipment getting wet, I would consider an enclosed trailer. I say that because there will be days when it is not supposed to rain, and guess what? You’re out on a job site and in comes a hard rain.

As for keeping the trailer secured, I just use a locking type deal that goes in the ball spot.”

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