Using a sulky with your lawn mower.

There are a few different types of mower sulkies out there. They come in handy when you have a walk behind mower and larger properties to mow. You can attach them to the back of your lawn mower and have the mower pull you around the property. Different variations in the designs can cause different side effects though. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, you need to pay attention when buying to make sure you get one that is best for you.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I blew out the wheel bearings on my homemade sulky and after one day of walking the whole day I had to get something to replace the old sulky. I bought this Jungle Wheels model! Woot! With my weight behind the wheels now the front end of the mower doesn’t pop up when I accelerate. Good stuff for $160.

Lawn mower velkeThe right/left pivot point is in the wrong place on this unit. It is so far back from the turning point (over the back wheels) that a very small turn makes it wiggle like crazy. It’ll throw you off if you’re not careful. Unfortunately, this wiggle will also pull the mower off course making jittery stripes instead of nice straight lines.

If it pivots right/left near where it attaches to the mower then it is better. Jungle wheels only pivot up/down near the attachment point and right/left near your toes. I’m getting used to them but they are taxing on the legs. It’s still better than walking on the big lawns though.

I should say that I’m not totally down on the Jungle Wheels. They solve the big issue of a sulky that causes the front of the mower to jump up and down. It uses the up/down pivot and sulky wheels as a fulcrum to lift the back of the mower forcing the front down. The front wheels will stick to the ground, but it redirects all the bouncing from the front wheels directly to your ankles.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I have never really studied or noticed the left/right, up/down pivot thing, I just got on and rode them.

The one I have now is a homemade one from my ex boss, but the joints are shot ( won’t take grease ) I have to do too many mods to make the wheels fit properly and they are hell on the knees.

I love the idea of the sulky, it cuts down on time. As far as design goes it seems stopping and turning is better with the sulky type stand on than other models.

On my nicer average size lawns I tend to ride the sulky as fast as I can walk. The time saved on the larger lawns is great, but as I said, I feel it in my knees on those larger lawns that I can go full speed without quality diminishing.

I may look to buy another used model on craigslist to experiment with different hookups to get the left/right, up/down pivots working right.”

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