Spraying bedliner protectant on underside of mower deck?

Do you spend a lot of time cleaning the underside of your mower at the end of each day or week? Have you ever considered using any sort of spray on product to improve cleanup times and limit the damage to your mower from rocks? One landscaper was considering spraying the underside of his mower with a pick up truck bed lining spray. Here is a great discussion on it from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum so you can see some of the pros and cons of potentially doing this yourself.

One lawn care business owner wrote “So I have been thinking about ways to save time cleaning my mower after a day’s use. One of my thoughts was to coat the underside of my mower deck  thinking with a pickup truck bed lining material. Maybe it would prevent rust/ wear & tear on the mower? Has anyone heard of this? I think it’s a great idea, obviously I’d have to cover up the bolts etc before spraying but do you think this could work and help my mower?

I have tried other products like silicone sprays and oils but so far the only thing that has worked consistently is just scraping out the dried grass and spraying the underside of the mower with a hose.”

A second lawn care business owner responded “I have sprayed the bed of my pickup truck with the liner spray and it works really good. I don’t think it would hold up well on the underside of a lawn mower though, it would be hard to re-coat, and grass would stick to it, possibly making your cleanup worse. If you are hell bent on experimenting with it, try it on a old small mower like a 22″ walk behind first and see what kind of result you get after mowing for a week.” bedliner-spray-on-mower

A third shared “I love the product they use for pickup truck bed linings and it is truly indestructible but to put it on a lawn mower deck would be a major mistake.

The bottom of the mower deck surface must be clean and smooth with non stick properties which bed liners do not possess.

If you want to try something try Teflon. There is also another spray that is made that you can put on the underside of a mower deck to keep grass from sticking to it but I would think it would have to be sprayed a couple times a week at least. I have never used it, just heard about it a week or so back. In my opinion, I wouldn’t use the liner sprays because, should water become trapped behind it, it could rust out your deck faster, and if you hit a rock it’s bound to eventually tear a hole in the liner then you might have the issue of it peeling loose and the blade catching on it and making a sound like your mowers gonna rattle loose.”

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