Should I buy an entire landscape equipment setup on craigslist?

If you are looking to jump into the lawn care industry and want to buy a whole bunch of equipment at once in order to get started asap, maybe you have considered packages deals you have seen on craigslist or even possibly from a business owner in your area. The desire to do this may be considered because the seller will offer you payment options you don’t feel you can get anywhere else. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, there are other options that should be considered before you dump good money into a bunch of used lawn care equipment.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’m looking to buy an entire lawn care business equipment set up on a payment plan that I found through an ad on craigslist.

I can come up with up to $4,000 - $5,000 dollars for a down payment and pay $200-$500 a month. The rest of the cash my grandfather, who is my backer, can help me. I don’t have good credit nor does he since someone stole his ID back in the 70’s and ran up 30k dollar tap. Anyhow, does anyone know of these types of packages?

I have operated my own lawn care business in the past, so this won’t be my first time getting a business up and running. In fact I bought all the equipment needed and started my business years back and was doing great until my ex-wife and I broke up, it effected everything. We are going through a legal battle right now and she caused me to lose EVERYTHING in my life (worth about $140,000) except my truck, leaf blower, pressure washer and some clothing. I moved back to my Grandfather’s property. I’m trying to reset my life. It’s a long story but yeah.
Yeah, I’ve been searching everywhere and it’s slim to no pickings around here for an already put together landscaping package.”

A second lawn care business owner wrote “I don’t know I have ever seen any ‘package deals’ on craigslist worth while. Have you considered trying your bank and see if you can get a credit line or overdraft protection to buy some new equipment? I do this so I can pull out money and buy large equipment and pay it back quickly.”

A third shared “most of the time those package deals on craigslist are not really that good of a deal. I’d suggest you ask a local dealer if he can put a package together of all of the equipment you need at a discount and most will do that (then you will get to pick out what you want). Most lawn care equipment dealers can help with financing but it will depend on your credit. You don’t know though until you ask.”

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