On the fence about getting a landscape trailer.

It seems like whenever we start something new, we are always trying to copy what we see others doing. Sometimes we do this even when it’s not something that works to our advantage. Take for instance this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. In it, one new lawn care business owner questions if he needs a landscape trailer and his concerns about getting one. Should he get one or should he made due without one?

He wrote “while I have the means to buy a landscape trailer for my new commercial 48″ walk behind lawn mower, I will have no place to store the trailer during the season. I don’t feel like I can leave it next to the house for fear my neighbors would complain to the town about it. My question is, as I am just starting our, is it ok to just drive around with the mower in the back of my pickup along with other essential lawn care equipment? Or will I look like a moron using ramps to load / unload it? Will that also effect my ability to get jobs? I’m getting nervous and may be over thinking every little thing in my head right now.

It just seems everyone landscaper has a trailer. I guess if I put a gate on my fence that runs next to my garage, I could get a 5′x8′ landscape trailer and wheel it around behind my house. That could keep it invisible from the street and keep it behind the gate when not in use. Neighbors won’t see it and it would be difficult to steal.

Any words of encouragement or other solutions would be helpful.”

A second lawn care business owner said “A couple of ideas for you.

1. Buy a canopy tent to cover your trailer and buy the same color tarps to make drop down walls and enclose it. It doesn’t need to be too high, just enough to cover your trailer. Your neighbors won’t be able to see it then.

2. Store it in your garage if your have one.

3. Put your lawn mower in your garage and put your trailer at a friend’s or family’s house or store your trailer in a storage facility and lock it up without your mower on it.

4. Park it at your house and let the neighbors yell at you “When are you going to move that trailer?”

Just some ideas to get you started.

Ultimately I think you should do what works for you. If others don’t like it, screw them. Not having the expense of a trailer allows you to just put more money in your pocket anyway.

For my first year in business, I loaded everything into the back of my pickup, just like you do. Everything fit in the bed perfectly so there was no reason for me to buy a trailer. But into my second year, I became a little more efficient and a little more lazy if that makes sense.

I have a trailer now mostly because it is a lot easier for me to load my lawn care equipment into the trailer than up to the tailgate of my truck which is about 4′ off the ground! I see a lot of guys around here with full size trucks and nearly empty landscape trailers. I am convinced they do this for show and think because they have this big trailer, they look better, and can charge more. I think it is a waste. Do what works for you now and scale up as your business grows.”

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