What I learned from my previous lawn care employer.

There is more to running a mowing business than simply going out and cutting grass. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from one entrepreneur talk about how to keep your head in the game and not allow yourself to get stressed out from the job.

One new lawn care business owner wrote “my brother and I started our lawn service company in Spring of last year. We both worked for a lawn and landscape company for about 4 years prior to getting our start. After working with our former boss for a while, we realized we needed to be doing it for ourselves since we knew we could do provide a great quality job.

By the end of the first season, we had ten consistent mowing accounts, with a few being rather large properties. We have gotten to this point slowly with a minimal amount of advertising. In fact our entire marketing for our first year in business consisted of just handing out a flyers.

This year we began to start picking up referral landscape jobs on the side and sprinkler repair. With this extra work, we decided to scale up from an open landscape trailer to an enclosed trailer. It has been a big help as we can keep our equipment locked up when not in use and also carry with us common irrigation parts we tend to need. It’s been a big help!

With this being our sophomore business year, we are looking at ways to grow somewhat even though my brother works a night shift and I am going to college in between mowings.

I think we have an advantage over other startups who have no previous experience. Learning the trade from my prior employer gave me confidence in my work. It showed me how to use the basic lawn care equipment needed get the job done on a regular basis. I also learned how to communicate with customers and make sure that they were pleased with our work. This is a topic that isn’t often talked about but is really very important.

Communication with clients and simplicity of operations make things run smoothly. When you process the basic priorities of a job and the tasks for the day without allowing anxieties and worries to bring you down, you can accomplish more and keep going. So a clear mind helps. That’s something all new business owners need to remember.

My previous boss used to get himself all worked up over things that could be solved without the emotions and showing of so much stress. Keeping your head down and finishing what is right in font of you helps you not to worry about what is next or a lack of time etc.When you are out driving in your company truck or mowing lawns, you are on stage. Everyone is watching you. If you are out in a yard yelling and screaming at employees or on the phone, other potential customers will see you and most likely not contact you for help on their property.

Keeping a level head may be a personality trait that can’t easily be altered but you need to be aware of your behavior and work on not allowing things to negatively affect you. I believe the stress of daily operations can also be exacerbated when you are trying to run a business from a distance, such as from your desk and not being out in the field, without putting proper foundations and s.o.p.’s in place.

If you are the boss but your focus and attention is on other things, it creates emotions that you don’t want to deal with when problems come up on the job. So be in the moment, be proactive in your communication with staff and customers, and don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve when you are out in the field.”

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