Paid vacation from lawn care customer.

More often than not, when a discussion comes up about a lawn care customer, it is usually a complaint a landscaper has about them or a difficulty that was run into. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one member talks about a positive story that came out of missing a lawn mowing, on account of a rainy day.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have a weekly $30 client that I mow on Thursdays or Fridays. Last Thursday I ran out of time and on Friday it rained all day. I couldn’t get to her on Saturday due to other commitments and since I knew her lawn wouldn’t be a mess, as it is relatively slow growing and could easily be cut biweekly, I decided to wait until the following week. My loss, but things happen.

Yesterday (Fri) I mow her lawn as usual, but my pay was not waiting as it always is, she apparently had forgotten to leave it for me. No big deal, I thought. So I left a note stating that I could swing by on Sat. while in the area mowing, or she could just double up next week. She called to apologize for not having my money out and said I could stop on Saturday for it.

I swung by today on my way through and picked up my envelope. Inside was $60 and the following note:

This payment is for last week and this week.
Everyone deserves a paid vacation
(especially someone who does such a good job),
So I guess last week you got a rainy vacation.
Thanks for all your help.
~ Lawn Customer’s Name

Isn’t that Amazing? Some people think they hit the jackpot when they don’t have to pay you due to drought or a missed mowing and this one paid for work that was not performed.

Today I also had someone give me $30 instead of the quoted $20 to do some light trimming while there to mow the lawn. I’ve also noticed that tipping comes from people you’d least likely expect it from, such as the mowing customers who don’t really outwardly project having a lot of disposable income.”

A second lawn care business owner responded “I missed a mowing on a customer’s yard, so I discounted their monthly bill. I was hoping that they would not be pissed. Later when I got the check in the mail with a post it note, it read ‘I paid the regular amount, really didn’t notice a missed mowing service. I am really happy with the way the yard looks, use the ‘extra cash’ to help pay for the new mower…’

Now THAT’S a nice customer, in my book.”

A third shared “you guys are right. From my experience it’s always the people that you least expect it from. This little old lady that I do work for always tips me no matter what I do. She’s got the tiniest lawn I mow and is always talking about ‘just being able to make it by.’ She never complains about pricing and always tips. Super appreciative of what I do for her and I’m appreciative for her business.

When I get a tip from a mowing customer I’ll always do something extra like trim the weeds out of the sidewalk cracks. It seems to increase the frequency of the tips.”

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