Looking professional and getting more lawn care customer referrals.

When you look professional, you are perceived by others as being professional. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, looking professional is an important step a new entrepreneur needs to take in order to grow. Then the next step is to project confidence that the customer can trust you. From there, your network and referrals will grow until you are no longer worried about keeping a busy mowing schedule.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I just got this new commercial mower that does great on hills, even going down hills. I do still miss my old lap bar unit but overall this new mower will greatly increase my productivity.

With this unit I can control my front wheels from spinning out ( and if I do slip down a hill, I can steer clear of potential hazards). I traded in another mower on this because 15 of my 25 or so mowing accounts have crazy terrain and besides, the 60″ mowing deck I had on my previous mower was over kill for the majority of my yards. This 48″ mower allows me to squeeze into backyards with fences etc. It is smaller but overall it has saved me time. landscaper-mowing-lawn

I’m definitely noticing that with the improvement in my image, I am getting more referrals this year. No longer am I driving around with a 21″ walk behind mower in the back of my truck. I now wear a uniform that I created to polish my image while out mowing on this new mower. The amazing side effect to looking better is that I no longer have to hunt for work.

I now always have estimates to do and the phone keeps ringing. I remember when I first started, a call or two a month, and I will admit now that I take it for granted now, but I still have my first mowing customers and that says something to me.

I know a lot of start up landscapers don’t know where to begin when it comes to gaining customers. This is my theory on it. I’m against using flyers…I believe in doing a good job for the customer at hand and letting them network for me. How do I network? For instance, I’ve been offered a few tips on jobs, in which I turned down and said ‘the best tip you could give to me is pass my name along.’

I think some guys just get lucky with customers…I don’t think I’d be where I’m at today if it weren’t for one of my first customers who did a real nice favor for me after I turned down a tip she offered. She sent out a mass email about me to her friends. That five minutes out of her day to send that email has been life changing for me. It’s kind of a ‘pay it forward’ mentality.

In another example, I have a female neighbor who sent out my information to her web of local single female friends and it’s amazing how many calls I have received as a result to help them with their lawn care.

I learned that TRUST is a huge deal when it comes to single females. I’ve had one of them practically beg me to do a job that I almost had to turn down due to it’s size. All of this because her friend spoke highly of me and she doesn’t trust strangers to do work for her.”

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