How to decline lawn care services.

There is always one property in the neighborhood that is either overgrown or chock full of obstacles you would need to mow around if you took on the property. Sometimes, you can look at a property and know you don’t want to mow the lawn. Or you talk to the potential client and feel like they wouldn’t be a good fit in your client list. What is the best way to decline a property in a polite manner? That is the topic talked about in this Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum discussion.

One lawn care business owner asked “I have a few lawns on this one street. There is a neighbor all of my clients warn me about, apparently he’s never satisfied with anything and surprise surprise, he wants me to mow his lawn now.

His lawn looks terrible, the front is one big hill, and in order to get into the back yard, I’d have to lift a lawn mower with my guy to get it up some steep steps. It seems like this yard is just not going to be worth my time, especially if he’s going to be a pain in the butt client.

I try my best not to acknowledge this mans existence when I am in the neighborhood, but he’s getting persistent. He has gone as far as to annoy my clients, asking them what I charge - but they refuse to tell him.

Sometimes he comes up to me to ask me to give him an estimate, but so far, every time I just leave when I’m done mowing my clients.

What’s amazing to me is, he already has a lawn guy who does a pretty good job, so it make me wonder why he is bothering me.

I have heard from a current customer that this is the man who put a restraining order on his crazy son who also harasses my clients, and has a serious mental disorder. I really want nothing to do with this family. I need some good excuses that sound legit, because saying NO doesn’t seem to work.

Does anyone else ever have those customers or lawns that you hate doing? Every day there might be that section you wish you didn’t have to bother with? Well this is one of those sections, and spending any more time there would drive me crazy.

The lawns in this neighborhood are all connected, but not in a way that is preferable. There are lots of obstacles and whatnot. They are extremely tiresome to mow. We spend more time trimming than we do mowing, and hopefully that’s an explanation you could all understand.”

A second lawn care business owner responded “if it were me, I would just quote him a ridiculously high price. Tell him that’s what you have to get. Make sure the estimate price is high enough for him to say no and look at you like you are crazy. But, if he happens to accept your crazy number, you would hopefully have bid the law at a price that would make it worthwhile.”

A third shared “when I bid on a new property I tell the client that I have to charge for every obstacle or blockage. I can not and will not pick up my mower and carry it down stairs for free. That takes extra time and you could pull your back.

If I don’t want the job irregardless of the price, I will tell the homeowner that I have no more time in my schedule, and give them a list of others who might be able to provide lawn care service.”

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