How I landed upscale mowing customers.

It can be tough breaking into a new neighborhood when trying to expand your lawn care service area. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from a couple of entrepreneurs on how they were able to do it and expand their business into an area that was once out of their grasp.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I landed my first upscale mowing account two month ago and then my second a week after . They are next door neighbors one next to another. Here is the back story on how this happened.

Last year I did a back yard renovation for a client that involved patio work, flagstone, walkways planters, a bbq area, pavers etc. This client, gave me the phone number of their realtor and said they would have some work for me. I called the number and she never answered, never gave me any work, long story short, she gave my number to her client who called me.

A half hour later I show up to their property. While I am driving into their community, I think to myself, this is nice, they have huge yards, I can do it, I’ll mow the lawns with my (2) 21in mowers and it will take me 1 1/2 hour with help.

The lawn is (1/2) acre in size, larger than I am used to. I give the customer my estimate which includes a little discount, I always give discounts to the very first customer in a new area to secure the contract. Once I get an anchor mowing contract, the next ones in the area go for a rate much higher per service.

Next week, I get another mowing contract with their next door neighbor. The neighbor canceled their current mowing company that was servicing their lawn and fertilizing for the past 5 years. They have dead spots every where. After 3 months of my service, the dead spots have been reduced and new grass is growing. I’m getting such a nice feed back from the clients that they have refer me to their 5 friends in the same community.

I have been in the business 1 year and 8 months now. Last year I had only 5 mowing customers, now I’m up to 33 clients and I keep getting 2 to 3 clients every 45 days. My last 4 accounts have all been really referrals.

I will say from my experience, the best way to get high end mowing customers is to put your head down and keep doing what you are doing and make sure you do it right. I did an outstanding job for a rich lady. The lady had an upscale realtor friend. The realtor friend never hired me, but she refer-me, to one of her clients.

You will get high end clients if your service is up to their standard of living. They don’t want an inept idiot on a ztr coming and going. They want somebody they can trust and get a good answer back if they have, any type of concern, even if that means paying a little extra for that.

I have since doubled my mowing price for new clients in this area and new clients tell me after they sign the contract. they are more than happy to change from their old mowing service, even if its mean paying more, as long as they get the service they want.”

A second lawn care business owner added “I got a high end client from a big company during last year’s fall leaf clean up. The previous landscaping company came out, blew a few leaves around, and left. The owner was complaining about their mowing service to a neighbor who gave them my card and they called.

I went out and talked to them about what they were not pleased with, gave a price, and got the work (fall clean up). When I finished, the customer told me the yard had not looked that good since her husband passed away and would I do weekly service next year.

It feels good when a little company can take a job from a national player even when it costs the customer more per month.”

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