Getting high end lawn care customers.

If you have never dealt with higher end lawn care customers, they are different than your average mowing customers. They demand more from you but they can pay a lot more and make it worth your while. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from some entrepreneurs about how they target higher end customers and how they benefit from doing so.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have been in the business for about 2 years now and I have been offered a chance to start providing services for homes in the $1 to $3 million dollar range. What I would like to know from anyone having these type customers, is it pleasant working with these mowing customers or do they create more problems than they are worth?

Coming from mowing smaller lawns, I am finding it hard to understand how mowing a homesite this large is more profitable when 3 to 4 small accounts can be done in the same time as of one those larger properties. The small accounts are in the $35 to $40 dollar range. ( I guess it’s just hard for me to realize that someone is going to pay $130 to $160 a cut per week). Any thoughts on your experience would be appreciated.”

A second lawn care business owner said “The house in this picture below just sold for 1.5 million. I did work at their old property. When they moved, they told me to come by to clean up the beds, trim the shrubs, and mow. No price was ever discussed! Which means the price doesn’t matter. If you do quality work, you name the price and it’s paid. They also tipped me and my helper $60 each when I presented them with the bill. I charged in the range you’re talking for mowing.
I have another client that hires me every year for spring clean ups and mulch. They say the same thing, just bill me.

Both of them ask if I want money now. I always tell them no.

Now all aren’t alike. Some people have money from being frugal and I get some of them too. I target upper income residences while others use words like cheap in their ads. You get what you ask for!”

A third added “to answer your question, you can make more money by not having to run your truck between properties, by not wasting time going from property to property, and often the higher end customers say to just do what it needs. With such customers there is no reason to ask about an upsell as they have given you the go-ahead already. One downside is that if you lose them as a customer, it might be a big hole to fill.”

A fourth said “most houses that I target are 1 plus million dollar homes. They do not care what you do as long as their yard looks great, preferably better than their neighbor’s yard.

  • They care about striping.
  • They are about the edges of there yards and everything to be blown off well.
  • They do not want grass clippings left in brown bags.
  • Fertilizer and weed killer are almost always understood that you will provide them, or will find someone else for them.
  • The hedges are trimmed once or twice a month to make them perfect.
  • They typically want it done at the end of the week for the weekend.

Whenever I go to a larger property estimate, I take my largest trailer with all my big equipment. It helps you sell them, because they see you can more then handle there yard. You do not want to target the cheap rich, the frugal ones. They are the biggest pain in the a**. They want everything but do not want to pay.

The best thing usually about the rich is that they will recommend you to others. The biggest property that I have is 21 1-2 acre houses on the same block. We do not have to move the trucks all day. That means bigger profits for me.

You need to listen very well to what they are saying. Tell them exactly what they want to hear and confirm their beliefs. Never tell them that you are small, and sell them on yourself and your team. This is what I put in all my marketing in some way or fashion.

Guarantee real time phone answering or calls returned within 4 hours, so you get the answers to your questions right away. Skilled English speaking lawn care technicians in uniform producing lush results because they are experienced. No unskilled part timers will ever set foot on your lawn.

Make sure you are properly licensed & insured with liability, work compensation, and landscape license, so the customer will have piece of mind knowing you are covered for any unfortunate situations. Have a “Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee” – so you can give the customer piece of mind and certainty that they made a wise decision, free of hassle, inconvenience & aggravation.”

Read more about Lawn Care Business Bidding Tips, Upsells, And Disasters To Avoid. Learn how to improve your bidding process with this lawn care business book and be prepared before hand by knowing what you should be looking out for before a problem occurs.”

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