What mower for a new aparment complex mowing bid?

It is very important to buy mowing equipment that is going to be versatile, especially when you are relatively new to the business. Each dollar you spend on equipment has to be spent wisely as you probably can’t afford to have equipment sitting around that is only used on one or two jobs. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we get some feedback into which kind of mower would be most useful for a landscaper who just landed his first apartment complex mowing bid.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have secured a contract for the mowing of an apartment complex next year. I am going to have to buy new equipment to handle this job. I am thinking about either getting another ZTR ( I only have one 52″ ZTR) or maybe a walk behind. I cannot afford both, so I am looking to make a good choice that will be helpful to my business. I currently do not use a walk behind at all, but a couple of other pros in my area told me that they are especially helpful at apartment complexes with the tight areas. Any suggestions?”

A second lawn care business owner said “I would agree with the walk behind acquisition. They are very deceiving unless you’ve owned one. Very quick, agile, versatile. They are only weak on wide open area where you can go full speed with a ZTR. On 10k sf lawns, I’ve actually been able to mow them faster, do a better job than a ztr. I’d go with either belt drive pistol grips or hydro Tbars. You will find an increase in versatility with a walk behind though, no doubt.”

A third shared “I say go with the walk behind, the only flaw is that you can only run them as fast as you can walk so they are weak on wide open spaces, and definitely don’t get a sulky. I used a sulky all the time until I burnt out the transmission on my 48” mower, they can’t handle the added weight. For us the biggest pro of the walk behind is that they are great on hills and we have a lot of hills that I will not allow the guys to mow with a ZTR (I did it once myself and was terrified)! Basically we use the WBs to cut in around obstacles and hills, and whatever is too tight for the WB to get into we will use a 21” push or just use a string trimmer and a steady hand.

I have worked in many a tight space in apartment complex’s and I will not go back to riding a Sulky again.”

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