You don’t need a truck to start a lawn care business.

If you have been waiting to start your lawn care business because you are saving for a truck, you need to reconsider. There are many lawn care businesses started with just a car. Look at what Jason has been able to do.

Jason wrote us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and said “Hi my name is Jason. I have done little nickel and dime yard work on and off for a very long time and recently decided it was time to make some real money doing it and become less dependent on my current employer that looks like it may fold under the economic stress.

Lawn Care Business With No Truck

Lawn Care Business With No Truck

I look forward to learning a lot here. At this point since I do have a day job I am looking to take on some side work mowing yards in my area. Last time I did this I got way to busy and back then my current employer was doing very good so I pretty much stopped the yard work adventure. This time I hope to start of with the mow, blow and go theory for now at least and be much more careful as to not over book myself like I did before. Thus far as much as I can tell I am ready to go. Got my trusty old car and converted boat trailor, mower, WW and blower. Got the business cards, put up fliers and my add comes out in the paper tomorrow.”

Steve: “That is a fantastic story Jason, can you tell us a little about your equipment setup and how you put it all together?”

Lawn Care Business Without Truck 3

Lawn Care Business Without Truck 3

Jason: “A landscaping truck is very over rated. I use as I have always used a 1981 Toyota Carolla station wagon to tow my trailer. The little 1.8L hemi and 5 speed has no problems what so ever towing the trailer which is a converted boat trailer. Here are some pictures of my set up. As you can see it’s not much but it’s cheap and reliable which is all that matters. I can’t haul a lot but why do I need more than what I have in there in the picture?

My lawn care business start up costs.

  • Car= $150
  • New transmition= $300
  • Boat $400
  • Sold boat kept trailor made a $200 profit
  • Materials to box in trailor $60
  • Mower $120
  • Line trimmer $80
  • Blower $69.99

Lawn Care Business Without Truck 2

Lawn Care Business Without Truck 2

All total I am able to go into business for $979.99. Now take into consideration I already had the equipment for maintaining my own yard then it only really cost me a few hundred total. This of course dose not include business cards, paper to print fliers, computer to hook printer to so on and so forth but as you can see its very easy to get started cheap so common people call me LOL. I live just outside of a golf course community so I figured that would keep me pretty busy, unless of course yard maintenance is part of there home owners benefits, I have seen that before.”

Lawn Care Business With No Truck 1

Lawn Care Business With No Truck 1

Steve: “That is great! What have you been doing to attract lawn care customers?”

Jason: “To attract customers right now I am running an add in the paper and it comes out tomorrow. The headline of the newspaper ad says something to the effect of “Pain in the grass?” mowing and weed eating, call me. It’s straight to the point and I think the bold title of Pain In The Grass will catch peoples attention. I am also putting up fliers and handing out business cards to friends and family. I was also thinking of hopping on my mountain bike and running around my small town and leaving business cards at the doors of houses that looked like they needed the yard work done but I don’t know. I keep my yard very nice, I enjoy doing this kind of work but I think I may be offended if my yard was bad and someone left a yard work card at my door.”

Lawn Care Business Without Truck 4

Lawn Care Business Without Truck 4

I hope this story inspires you to start your lawn care business. If you have been sitting on the fence waiting to save more money in order to buy a truck to get your lawn care business started, now you can see Jason has done it without the need of a landscaping truck and you can too! If you would like to join in on this discussion further, visit the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here.

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