Winter services your lawn care business can offer.

Are you a lawn care business owner wishing you had more to do on the off season? Maybe you get enough cold weather to get snow and you can offer snow plowing, but if you don’t there are plenty of other services you can perform. Check out what this lawn care business owner does during the winter months. He shared with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, a list of services he offers and how he successfully markets them!

He wrote “winter is no time to take it easy with your lawn care marketing. I market my business all year long. Friday was an interesting day for me. I received 3 calls from local realtors about property clean-ups that include mowing, edging and general spruce ups. These were from realtors I have been reaching out to all year!

Last week we had 4 nights of frost so all growing has stopped for the season. The realtors seem to feel the expense now of cleaning up their yards would last until spring and make the properties have more curb appeal. I spent today giving estimates for all the work they need. In all I viewed and quoted 16 foreclosed properties. All from realtors that brushed me off all year. It just goes to show you the importance of persistence and being in the right place at the right time. It’s very possible, I am the only lawn care business owner marketing at this time of year!

Of those lawn care estimates I gave out, I sold six immediately for a total of $2,000.00. Four from one realtor, and two from another. All of them wanted to see my certificates of insurance and a copy of my business license. One even gave me a deposit!

Monday, I will contact the other realtors, banks and credit unions in the area. In my email I will show:

  • How this service clean up service will be the last one needed for the winter.
  • How it will improve curb appeal.
  • That I am licensed.
  • That I am insured

As it stands now, I am looking at a great end of season!  Once I get an initial dialogue with these realtors, I will also try to upsell them and offer my home winterizing services (freeze protection) for the unoccupied homes.

If you aren’t offering these services, you need to reconsider! They are simple to perform and something the realtors will need!

Although it doesn’t get real cold here, it does get below freezing. So pipes, toilets, and hot water heaters all can burst when it freezes. This can cause real water damage to the home. To perform this home winterization service I charge $50.00 per house, $100.00 per house if they have a sprinkler system. No one has balked at the price yet. I also offer rug steam cleaning, painting, and some carpenter work. Why not! These jobs are simple and I have no lawns to cut at this time of year.

A job I am doing now for a credit union is at a foreclosed home where the old tenant took the entire kitchen with him when he moved out! So to make the property livable again, they asked me to install some basic laminated cabinets and appliances.

So far it has taken myself and one helper, 3 days. I charge them a 25% markup on material, time and mileage to pick up the cabinets and countertops, etc., and $1,600.00 in labor. Not bad for two guys working three days. Especially when most of the time, lawn care business owners are doing nothing this time of year but waiting for Spring.

So get out there and market yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment with some new winter services like I did.”

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