Window cleaning helps gain lawn care customers.

Lawn care business owners are always looking for additional services they can upsell to their current customer base as well as use as an enticement to attract new customers. Coming up with ideas though is not always as easy as you would think. Here is one creative idea that can help you on your way. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us a service that he offers and has really helped him grow.

He wrote “before I got into lawn care, I was running a window cleaning business. I got into window cleaning and developed a decent route because residual income was crucial for me. After a while of doing that I brought on a friend and his truck to begin offering lawn care. Once I got into that field, I thought to myself, how did I miss this industry for such a long time!? It’s a great business to be in and is a great reoccurring service to offer.

Mixing window cleaning with lawn care has turned out to be a winner. I use a two-man crew; one guy (me) does the exterior glass while the other guy mows the yard. It is the perfect blend of services to throw the competition off balance and open the eyes of the potential client W-I-T-H-O-U-T having to under-cut the others guys.

I use window cleaning as an enticement, to get the customer to sign a residential property maintenance contracts. Exterior windows are cleaned twice a year.

Offering this service bundle also helps attract commercial properties. Many stores and other commercial properties pay for weekly or bi-weekly window cleaning and ALL of them pay for lawn care. What I have learned is once a property has the windows cleaned professionally, they tend to wanna stick w/it.

In my sales pitch I point out how they will only have ONE invoice for both services and they love it. As my company grows, I would like to offer as many services the typical home owner will desire. Kind of like creating a spa for home care.

If you are interested in this, consider:
1) most small lawn care businesses do not have customers on contracts. Instead they get paid per cut. As a result, your revenue drops during the Nov/March season. Most of my current clients are rather budget minded, retired seniors. However, even THEY do have the disposable income set aside for lawns. Many of which would love to have clean windows! Just maybe they can’t afford both. I can use this to my marketing advantage and offer new customers FREE windows done 2X (exterior) just for signing an annual property maintenance contract with me.

2) For the A-type clients, the ones who want good work done, I can raise the rates slightly, say $5 a cut and include exterior/interior windows.

3)Many lawn care customers can quickly drop a lawn guy for a ‘better price’ or their brother’s son’s girlfriend’s father got into the biz. BUT can HE do windows?

There are a ton of ways you can use window cleaning to entice or ‘bump’ or up-sell.

Example: 7-11’s have windows and ‘yards’. It is not often they have a budget for window cleaning. BUT they do have one for yards. I have spent hours talking to managers who have issues with the yard guys blowing ‘dust’ all over the windows.

I went to one local convenience store and told the manager ‘If you pull the soda bottles away from the inside windows, I’ll wash the insides and outsides so YOU can see what a professionally cleaned windows looks like.’ After I did that sales presentation, his area manager took note and wants to see the windows cleaned more often. Since then, I landed the property maintenance job and do the exterior windows weekly at NO charge. It takes me 10 minutes. I am determined to OWN all their store contracts in my area by years end.

In the future as I expand I want to offer all of these services:

1) Carpet/Floor cleaning
2) Window Cleaning
3) Yards
4) Power Washing
5) Blind Cleaning

One call will do it all.

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