Will one lawn care business take over all customers?

At one point in history there had been hundreds of cola soft drink manufacturers but now there are merely a handful. There used to be a very competitive collection of auto manufacturers too but now there are only a few as well. Could this happen in the lawn care industry? Could one giant service company come in and have such a competitive advantage that it over takes everyone? That is the topic brought up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and a lot of interest came from it.

One business owner wrote “what would you do if a SUPER lawn care company took all of your work and every other companies work, lawn service, and everything else we do?

Could one big national service take over and kill us all off? Imagine unbeatable mowing prices for everyone. Where you would not be able to make a profit. Where all of your best customers switched and your crappy ones were just about to as well.

It’s not really a question of if it could happen, but when it might happen. Like a Walmart of the lawn care service industry.”

A second lawn care business owner thought “as long as we live in a free market, there will be a place for competition. Just as some people shun Wally World because it is impersonal, others flock there because of the price. The same would be true if this ’super lawn care company’ were to ever occur. Sure some might choose to utilize them for their cheaper prices, but others would continue to exist because of their personal service and hight quality.”

A third business owner added “honestly it is already happening. There are  national companies out there offering complete lawn care services. They are primary fertilizer/pest control, but are dipping into the lawn care service part of it. One of them has just purchased a major lawn and fertilizer company in Europe to expand their market share.

This one company I know of has one primary lawn care operation in each specific area (Zip Code) to refer you for client services. When you buy into their services, you are given a zip code area as your own area and no one else from this company enters your market. The clients call the 1-800 number and they contact the provider in that area to come by. They have standards and review your company with a fine tooth comb.

Maybe this is a good thing, but I wonder how much you would have to pay them or how much they pay you for the service. Say you charge the clients $100 a month and they take a certain % of that. Or they may collect the money and pay you a %. They are big into marketing. They have a lengthy video to watch, it’s interesting.

I believe that there is a lot of work out there for the average lawn care business owner and there always will be. A lot of folks like the mom and pop companies and the personal touch they receive, compared to the big nationwide companies. As already stated, some like Wally World and some don’t.”

A fourth shared “it won’t happen for one simple reason, there will never be one company that can satisfy the needs of every customer. Think about any industry from vehicles to telephones, yes some of the companies are massive but there is always competition. Why do we need more than one bank for example??

As for me, I don’t shop at the local Wallie Mart. I never have and never will. The same holds true for me with some of the big box home improvement stores as well. If I have to, I go there, otherwise I support the smaller mom and pop hardware stores. I prefer to buy from a local family owned store when at all possible and a lot of other people feel the same way.”

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