Why your lawn care business needs to charge more.

Your lawn care business needs to charge more. Check out this discussion I had with a lawn care business owner who just recently restarted his lawn care business after having to previously shut his doors because he was lowballing and not charging his lawn care customers enough.

Ernie wrote “Hey guys you probably remember me “Ernis lawn cutting.” I have been away for a while. I lost my internet connection but now I am back. I am trying to get my lawn company going again after giving up on it last time. I lost too much $$$ lowballing.

lawn care business stop lowballing

lawn care business stop lowballing

But this time I am going to do my best. I started out fresh and got a bigger and better truck than the old S-10 pickup I used to use. I am also in the process of rigging up side rails to haul debris and currently looking into prices for mowers. But I am still rocking back and forth between new or used lawn care equipment. Currently, leaning more towards used. Bu it feels great to back!”

Steve: “Can you tell us a little about what you experienced with your previous lawn care business? What did you learn from that experience that you could share with other entrepreneurs just starting out with their own business?”

Ernie: “Well to start with, I was charging way too little for the time I was on spending on the customer lawns and I was killing myself doing it. Yeah that was a big part of it. I was spending more time and money than making it. I was too worried about making the customer happy that I was not even thinking of my own financial stability. My lawn care equipment was not too bad but it was a bunch of stuff I dug out of the trash and fixed up and it got the job done. All in all I have come to realize that I need to charge what I need to make, not what I think is fair or reasonable. The way I see it now is that I am a lawn care business and offering a mowing service some people might not like what I charge but if I get a few good clients that would spread the word, I believe that I could be very successful. It was a learning experience and that would be the best advice that I could give is to make the money that you need to make a profit with your lawn care business.”

Steve: “Very good insights! Can you say how much you used to charge for an average lawn and what you charge now?

Also, what advice do you have to offer as to coming up with a price you can profit from? How do you create this price now? What factors do you take into consideration that you didn’t take into consideration in the past?”

Ernie: “Before I was charging $30 a lawn mowing. But the yards that I was mowing were not really average size. I figured if I could cut the lawn and everyone could see that I was doing a good job, that it would help.

Now when I figure a price it all depends on what is being done, fuel consumpsion is big one, time spent on the lawn and the service that is being done. All in all I guess I still need to think on prices, I think now I am going to charge maybe $40 or $45 a lawn. I will try those numbers and see what happens.

I am thinking about offering additional profitable services like pressure washing. The factors that I am thinking of now that I did not think of before is time. I like to spend too much time caring for¬† a landscape on the property and I tend to do too much. Basically I try to make everything perfect and in the long run I am losing money, not making it.”

Thanks Ernie for your insight and sharing with us your experience of running your lawn care business. I do feel we can all learn from what you went through. If you would like to join this discussion please visit the post at the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Forum.

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