Why you shouldn’t mow lawns too fast.

Most business owners think they have a firm grasp on what their customers want and how to give that to them. But, how often do those business owners really ask their clients what they want and what they don’t want? How often do they ask for feedback on the service they provide? I bet most business owners don’t ask their customers and because of that, have little clue on what they need to provide. Let’s take a look at this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and get some further insight into this topic.

One lawn care business owner wrote “this past year, I have handed out a lot of post cards to potential customers as we drove by their properties, especially if I saw they needed a service we provide. If the home owner is out in their yard, that is great as I will talk to them and strike up a conversation. If not, that is ok too as I will leave the post card in their door. It has proven to be my best marketing method yet to get new customers. With referrals being my next runner up. I didn’t have a marketing plan for this year as I can barely could keep up with what was coming in. I have always been afraid to take on too many clients if I don’t feel I can handle them. At my current pace it has been desperately hard to keep up with all my landscaping projects, so I have been very selective with what I take on.

Recently I was able to take three private communities from a local competitor, all on a road not too far from my house, by stopping and talking to homeowners I saw outside. Talking to them I was able to learn quite a lot about what they liked and didn’t like. They talked about either their current lawn care provider or of a previous companies that serviced their properties.

The homeowners at these sites are all retired and tend to be home all day. One of the common themes I heard was how they all wanted their lawns to look great. Some of the negative feedback I heard was about how they didn’t want to see mowers flying across their lawn. They pay big bucks to have their lawn mowed so for us, it was an important lesson to learn to slow everything down.

These private communities that I have been targeting, are generally people 50 to 80 years old. This is a very rich area, it’s kind of a ‘we have money and the world should know it’ type area. The homes themselves are amazing. All are on the ocean and each private community has their own marina.

Slow down your mowing, people are watching.

It is fascinating to learn how there is this mindset, right or wrong, that a mower flying across the yard is not doing a good job. I understand full well time is money, but at the same time, if they will spend the extra bucks, we will slow things down.

The feedback I got this morning from the president of one of the association is that we did a perfect job and they can’t believe the difference in services. They can’t get over how we took the time to pick up dead branches and discard them, pine cones, blew every paved driveway clean, trimmed the ditches and the list went on. They have had service providers in the past he said but not one comes close to us in quality.

I replied that we really appreciate their business and feedback. At the same time I said feel free to tell others about us as well and he said he would.

Lesson learned, ask the people what they want and give them what they want. A happy customer will tell many others about your service.”

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