Why some people keep putting off starting their own lawn care business.

Learning how to start a business is a lot like learning how to swim. With both, you can just dive head first into a deep hole to sink or swim with a great potential for failure. Or you can put on a life jacket and wade in, taking the process slowly but surely. In the business world, this can be done by having another job, either full or part time. Such a source of cash flow can help keep your head above water until your lawn mowing business picks up. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, it is a lot easier to experiment and learn from trial and error when you are younger but in the bigger picture, it is never too late to get started. Here are some insights from a new entrepreneur who kept putting his dreams off that should help motivate you.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’m just starting my own lawn care business. I worked for almost 6 years, many moons ago in landscaping after getting an associates degree in ornamental horticulture. That stint in the industry saw me building many many hand picked rock walls that eventually led to a blown out back and a bitter taste for the work.

About 10 years ago I started mowing some properties for my father-in-laws company to help make ends meet. I’ve always enjoyed mowing but never really had the desire to run my own business.

To make a long story even longer, I am now working on and off as a systems administrator, taking care of servers and end user workstations for small business clients in my area. The guy I work for and I see things very very differently as far customer service and the proper ways to do things. Being 40 and taking orders from a younger boss that I don’t believe in has made me realize that I am ready to be the master of my own destiny. I’m going to sink or swim by my own abilities and not those of someone else.

Why keep putting off starting your lawn care business?

Why keep putting off starting your lawn care business?

I have done a lot of reading on the Gopher Forum and find it to be a wealth of great information and I thank all of you that contribute for the help.

To market my new company I have gotten business cards made up, and ordered some door hangers to advertise spring fertilizing and get my name out there. I am spending everyday going out, shaking hands, and introducing myself to real estate agents, property managers, local nurserymen etc. and made a great contact with a local irrigation outfit. Although I haven’t landed any new work yet, I know that as soon as the grass starts to grow I’ll get some calls and get this thing off the ground.

I am kicking myself for not starting my own business sooner. As I sit here now, I can only dream of having been in business for years now and having a steady stable of customers. At first I think I didn’t take this path as I was just really not t in any position to open one. Not that I am now either really. Maybe it was the fear of taking that chance, or time to pursue, maybe a little laziness.

It was just these past few months that I realized that I hated working for peanuts while someone else drove new cars and took nice vacations. Now I figure if I’m going to work for peanuts they’ll be my freaking peanuts!

It’s amazing how business owners know how little they can pay you and how they can string you along for a long time. As you go, you take on debt. You buy a car with a loan, you take out a mortgage for a house. You try to save for your kids education and you never have a moment to think about how to better position yourself and find your own happiness.

I wish when I was in high school or even college that there was a class which got you to register your own business. Then teach you how to promote yourself, attract customers, deal with customers, make money and then manage money. There is so much to learn but I have to stop being afraid to learn if I am going to go anywhere with this. I need to start embracing the unknown and look to learning things I do not know.

For those considering starting their own lawn care business or any kind of business for that matter, it’s important you do it when you are younger. Explore and experiment when you have a minimal amount of responsibilities holding you back. Do it when you can afford to experiment. Even if you are unsure if this is the path for you, I’d say just try it. Otherwise you dilly dally for decades and then find yourself working for a younger boss who did take the step you didn’t and you won’t like that position.”

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