Why it’s so hard to organize local lawn care business owner gatherings.

Getting together a group of local business owners to talk shop can be a very difficult task. It seems that, many times, these ideas come together initially with the best of intentions but end up not working out for a multitude of reasons. Here is a great discussion on this topic from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Maybe some of these previous experiences will help you if you are considering creating a local business owners group.

One lawn care business owner wrote “we all seem to want to work with one another. Sometimes we take on a job that’s just too big or we need time away for vacation, or have unexpected machine issues. We all can use the assistance one way or another.

I am big into networking and I think we can all help each other out. I would like to organize a once monthly or bi-monthly meeting of the minds for those who live near me. Maybe we could meet up somewhere, get dinner, have BBQ bring the families, finally relax, sit, and socialize, talk about our ups and downs, share ideas.

If you are into this idea, please let me know. I would like to bring all of the landscaping companies, lawn maintenance companies, roofers, plumbers and handy-men/women of my area together.

We all know that we see 5+ landscape trucks at the gas station when ever we fill up. Do you ever wonder ‘how are they paying to fill it all?’ or ‘Who does their repairs?’ Well, why can’t we share all business ideas together? We all cut grass.

I have been talking regularly with a few of my buddies that run small bi-weekly lawn care businesses so far and that’s about it. One friend runs full time and thinks he is better than anything in his service area. He wants no part of this gathering due to his high ego. I bet he will still show up though. I told him he could come and voice all of his opinions to the locals and attempt to find another lawn mower to use as a backup, since he always uses mine.

I was thinking maybe we could gather at a local mower shop meetings or have the first meeting at my buddies place. He owns an empty lot next to his house. It’s all cleared out and covered by trees and the only place I know of that can hold more than 3 trucks and trailers. He runs a once monthly lawn route of 6 lawns. Slowly he is listening to me about business advice.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I tried to arrange a local lawn maintenance association a couple years ago and only got 1 meeting together. I found that everyone has things to complain about and nobody has the answers to really help. Once they figure it out, they are not willing to help out the competition with advice. I have maintained friendships with a few of the guys I met in that meeting. I gave one a bit of advice on something and he later stabbed me in the back with it.

I was once optimistic, like you seem to be now, about building a big helpful coalition of landscape companies for the greater good of all of us and the industry. Now I could care less for the most part what my competition is or isn’t doing right. I have my own issues to deal with.

That’s the other thing too. There seems to be no ’standard’ way to run a lawn/landscape service. Every guy out there is different. Guy 1 likes offering per cuts and hates trimming trees. Guy 2 mows monthly accounts only and includes everything from trimming, to weed control, to fertilization in the package. Guy 3 does just mowing in a monthly deal but bills in advance and everything else is an upsell. The right way is just differences in opinions and everybody’s is different. Good luck to you sir!”

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