Why isn’t my phone ringing?

It can be very frustrating when you go out and buy a bunch of lawn care equipment, get signs made, and are ready to work but no one calls. There are many reasons as to why this happens and to help shed light on the topic, I’d like to look at a discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you get your phone to ring more.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have spent a lot of time planning and finally got everything set to start my business. So far though, I have yet to get one call. Is this just a sign of the times? I did get a funny call today though. Someone who saw my ad in the local paper called and was looking for work. I wish I could help but I don’t even have work for myself. I politely told him I will keep his name and number in case I get busy and need some extra help, then I gave him the phone number of someone who may be able to put him to work.

This is getting kinda boring though, just sitting here. To market myself so far I have put an ad in the paper, put up fliers on every public board I can find, put business cards on the doors of houses who have over grown yards. I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s just the economy?

I have been bypassing houses that looked like they are empty. I have only been going to houses that I am fairly sure have inhabitants but I suppose just because they live there does not mean they are doing ok financially. As far as foreclosures and rentals and what not, I have been sending email fliers to realtors and property managers all over my county. I did get a response asking about my services and rates but did not get a reply after that. I guess it could still be the weather as our weather has been real goofy as of late.

Half the houses around here look like they are in they just don’t have time to keep up on their lawn. Maybe in another month or two it will start paying off.”

A second lawn care business owner said “it could just be the season. I tailor my marketing to the season. I am heading into dead time now as the snow season is over, everything will start to melt and yard care is on hold until at least the first of May.

If you have time, talk to some local property developers. Talk to banks. If you see properties that are in foreclosure they still need the property to look half way decent. I know times are tough but don’t forget we are entrepreneurs. Look for the opportunities. It could be something as simple as washing someone’s window. What may happen is once you are performing work for a customer, they will ask you do do other chores as well. At least that way you will get some cash flow happening.”

A third added “I went door to door putting flyers on doors. It does get frustrating and you are right, the times are bad. While you are sitting there, why not email potential businesses that might want to switch to you.

Where do your family members work? Maybe they can talk to their bosses to see if they will use you. Right now the economy is bad and the snow just melted. People look at their yards right now and say ugg. When they see my flyer they call. I got one call today. Already they said help do a pre-spring very / late fall cleanup. Basically get the leaves up and remove the sticks. I’ll do it for cheap right now to get my name out there and I need the work.”

A fourth shared “it’s important to hit your targets from multiple angles, multiple times. Often, a customer won’t bite on the first go around. Many lawn care marketing books say a customer needs to see/hear an ad 7 times before he’s ready to buy. I do not suggest spamming your neighborhood with flyers but you should try a multi-pronged approach.

Instead of mailing your flyers to the real estate agents hoping they will call, pick up the phone yourself and call them. Or, better yet, take pictures of properties that need service and visit the agent’s office.”

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