Which lawn care business upsells are most profitable?

Providing weekly lawn mowing is a great way to generate solid income, but as we will see in this discussion, from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, it’s the upsells that really make the profits. Which upsells you offer depend on a lot of factors, such as which equipment you have to perform the work, your experience with the different services, and the needs of the customers in your local area. With a little experimentation and investment on your part, your company can grow bigger, faster.

One lawn care business owner wrote “As my mowing crew goes from customer to customer, we see many other properties where the yards are being mowed by residents (not our customers). On those properties we see a ton of services that need to be done them. Here is what stands out most.

My question is which upsells are the best ones to focus on and which produce the best profits? I’m looking to increase my business with upsells and want to see what the best way to go about doing this is.”

A second lawn care business owner said “focusing on upsells is how I built my business. Myself and the crew keep our eyes open to see things at properties we are on, next door, or even at properties we drive by and leaving service specific post cards at. There is big money in this.

As for pricing and which service is best to focus on, I can’t answer that because it depends on what you have for equipment to do the job, experience in knowing how long it should take, and what services are needed in your area. I don’t want to say for example charge $x.xx per foot for hedge trimming not knowing what you have to do the job.

But what you are observing is what will really put your company on the map. Mowing is an entrance for us. I will even do a mowing job at a loss at times but make up serious profit on other services at the site. I do this often. You might be thinking that isn’t a good idea as the other service might be one time, well I really market our organic sprays, the profit is such that if the client buys into it, then it doesn’t matter. Yes we get stung once in the while but not often and due to our size, overall, it doesn’t matter that much to the bottom line.

Presence at new places alone brings us in a pile of business. We have gone over the top with vehicle and trailer lettering and it has paid for itself 100 times over. We get calls all the time while driving from someone behind us or someone that just passed us.

Our highest profit makers and services I find very easy to sell and keep the staff going out straight are:

  1. Pressure Washing.
  2. Organic Spraying (this has gone through the roof for us).
  3. Wood cutting and chipping.
  4. Driveway rebuilding using a box blade.
  5. Excavation and Landscaping. I put this last as it’s a big capital investment, I probably have seven hundred grand in equipment at this point and we are still short vs demand.

Pressure washing is fairly cheap to get into, we use a commercial grade washer. With such units, we can even remove graffiti. I have a deal with the staff on incentives to help sell these services. Basically they get no salary instead they get 40% of the value of the job. There is a catch, they can’t leave unless the customer is satisfied. With such incentives, staff are lining up as the guys/gals are making $27 to $35 an hour.

Organic lawn spraying and insect control, are very cheap to get into yet the profits are stunning and the results spread the word like wild fire.

My advice to you is to find a niche that won’t cost you a lot to get into and go after it. That will finance your expansion. It’s what I have done at my company and following the game plan has grown my business like wild fire.”

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