When your ads don’t work, strong customer relations will.

Finding which lawn care marketing strategy works seems to be a topic of never ending fascination. Everyone seems to be looking for that magic key. Is it flyers? Is it door hangers? If not those two, what else could it be? That is a topic raised at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum when one of our members told us about his difficulties finding customers. He wrote “I printed off 500 fliers and went to Walmart talk to pass them out as people where leaving. I talked to the ones that where willing to talk. Then after all that I copied like 4,000 more and put them under wiper on cars. It didn’t work out at all.”

Lawn care customer relations

Lawn care customer relations

Another lawn care business owner shared with us what works for him when he said “I always try to smile and be friendly to my customers. If you find they are calling you just to chat that’s a little weird, but it’s OK if they are paying. Because of my positive attitude and professionalism I am still making just as much in the Fall and Winter as I do in Summer and have picked up some high end homes as well. These are the kind of homes that take three hours just to blow the grounds.

I thought I would share with everyone what I have found to work time and time again. Word of mouth is by far the best type of advertisement. I feel if your customers want to chat, then chat with em. You don’t have to be there “best friend” just be friendly and they will tell their “friends” about you. It seems not every business owner is able to do. Every one is different in the way they handle things. Just keep in mind, if you cant befriend your customer, you might want to rethink your goals. They are the ones that sign your paycheck, don’t forget it.

A lot of success in any business (especially service businesses) is a result of your salesmanship and relationship with your clients.”

Another member said “there is no such thing as bad ads, only dumb ads.

  • Flyers are effective for lawns mostly but are very time consuming to distribute. I run about a 9% return on these.
  • Newspaper ads seem to work great for patio/paver work.
  • The internet has been great for everything. I can’t go wrong with it. My site runs an average of 700-900 unique hits a month. If you are not focusing on your website, you are missing out on quite a bit.
  • Postcards I have found are poor at best with a 1% return.

At the very basics you need to put a sign on your truck, get your state licenses, have insurance, pay your taxes, and get commercial tags. Your truck is a store front for your customers too see. It’s priceless for being able to get new customers to walk right up to you.

I am shocked at how many calls we get from vehicles following us. When they are parked in a lot or at a customers property. It’s the #1 marketing tool in my business so I went full out.”

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