When to start your spring lawn care marketing.

There are various theories on when you should start your spring lawn care marketing. Knowing the different concepts can help you create one that works best for you. Here is a discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that gives you some more insight into this topic.

One lawn care business owner wrote “this information will benefit those who are either starting out this year for the first time or those who have been running their business 5 years or less.

To figure out when you should start your lawn care marketing, you first need to figure out when the grass starts to grow in your area. To do that you need to know the type of grass that grows and what exact temperature it starts growing at.

There are cool-season grasses which are those that grow the best in a temperature range of 60 to 75 degrees F. The other type is warm-season grasses which begin growth at 65 degrees F but thrive best in the 85 to 95-degree F range.

When to start your spring lawn care marketing.

When to start your spring lawn care marketing.

After an internet search, I found that in my state of Maryland, we mainly have Tall fescues, Zosia, and Perennial ryegrass. Maryland is in the zone 8 growth zone. So I can conclude we are primarily a cool season grass state.

Because I know that cool grasses do best in the temperature range of 60-75 degrees F and when the temperature is above 85 degrees F, it’s growth tends to drop off, I know Maryland needs DAYTIME temps of 60-75 for optimal growth.

Next I go to a weather site. I enter my city,state and zipcode. Then I click on forecast by month link. I review the forecasted DAYTIME temps for the next 15 days, month, etc. I also pay close attention to the historic average for days not forecasted yet.

With this information I can then conclude that cool-season grasses in Maryland could start growing March 24th and on. I can also predict which months will be good money making months. In my area, daytime temperatures that are above 85 degrees F can almost grass will grow slower and may need only bi-weekly mowings unless it’sthe property is irrigated which will cause the grass to grow throughout heat and drought conditions.

So back to our question. When is the best time to start your spring lawn care marketing? There are several methods to determine when.

  1. When the bigbox stores distribute their spring gardening section of their advertisements. You had better get your butt in gear and start passing out flyers.
  2. Refer back to what I mentioned above. When outside daytime temps are forecasted to be above the needed temp for your type of grass to grow. Pass out your flyers/business cards 1 week prior to this time and as often as you would like after that time. For me this would be 03/20 - 04/02. For existing clients from last year. Take a drive and check out those lawns when the temps are in your desired range for a week straight. My drive will occure most likely on the last week of March.
  3. The first day of spring. Now I am referring to astronomical first day of spring. Solar first day of spring is February 1st. Meteorological first day of Spring is March 1st.

I hope I taught you a new method on when to start your spring lawn care marketing.

At the beginning of spring, I never assume when I need to start mowing. If I feel it’s about time to begin, I’ll run the routes in my truck and take a brief 30 second look at the properties from the truck. With all my customers, that shouldn’t take me more than 4 hours. Then when I go out to start my spring lawn care marketing, most of the lawns I will be walking by while I pass out flyers to all of their neighbors anyway. This way I can keep my eyes on their growth status.

I haven’t found it that big of a deal to get my previous year’s customers to sign up for this year’s service. I have found that if you’ve given the lawn care customer your best work and they have never complained about anything. Why would they feel the need to go with someone else? If they do decide to cancel service, you really should ask them why. Maybe it’s something you can fix and get them signed up or maybe it’s not. The reasons why the few customers I had from last year who didn’t sign up this year is because they either moved or they decided to buy a lawn mower.

During my first year in operation over 75% of my clients were renters of townhomes and 25% home owner.

Second year 65% were renters, 35% home owner.

In my third year, I had a 20% renters, 80% home owner ratio.

As I continue I find myself getting more and more home owners. Servicing home owners makes it a lot easier to keep the customers signed up for the long haul due to the simple fact they tend to live at the location longer than renters.”

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