When one problem ends, another seems to begin.

Keeping things fun and fresh is very important if you want to enjoy a long and happy career in your chosen profession. Running a small businesses always has the potential of grinding you down if you let it. One little problem can lead to another and another unless they are addressed early on and dealt with. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from an entrepreneur who is considering folding his business because he is frustrated with current situation.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I think I am in the clear now. I have been working very hard to get things on track and the money is slowly but surely coming in which is a huge relief but now my ambition is just gone. I just feel like saying ok I am not losing anymore money but now I want to count my losses and run. I have an estimate today at 2pm and it’s taking everything I have to tell myself to show up to it.

I guess I am just feeling in this economy, at this time, in this business, it is impossible to get going and make it to where I want to be. This is the 2nd week of my new advertisement being out and guess what…………….. You guessed it, the 2nd week and not one single call. I am going to be expected to pony up another $106 this week to continue the ad, but my head is really telling me to just stop. I honestly think I have just lost the edge. I don’t enjoy it anymore, I’m tired.

I remember a time I loved going out and doing a bid. Now I dread even putting the weed eater in the truck. I don’t feel this is something I can overcome. I don’t even know what started it but I just feel the burning desire to count my losses now that I am not losing money anymore.

Another part of me is saying just tough it out until the season ends and take a break over winter to rethink it all. I do have some winter jobs but they are only like 4 hours once per month and for friends so it’s kinda fun. Then when the season ends, I wonder if I should stop all my advertising over winter to ensure I get a good break or should I keep it up so I don’t lose any potential business?

Advertising really worries me. The $106 per month I pay now is the lowest price I have paid for newspaper advertising. Maybe I could stop it for a while and keep handing out business cards. Doing so will help me save $106 per month. I can also get a bunch of fliers and start ground pounding.

I am having a huge problem with my winter services though. I didn’t offer any last year and this year I have no idea what to offer. I won’t do snow removal because I hate doing it but what else is there to do in winter time? It’s funny, I own my home, but have no idea what I do in winter time to maintain my own property.”

A second lawn care business owner said “some ads in some outlets will work while others won’t. Don’t let the fact that this ad may not be working, get tied into some bigger issue to depress you. Just allow yourself to know some ads don’t work. I would only advertise in ways that were effective. If you are not getting any responses, the ad is not effective. Either try another message, another outlet, or focus on another marketing method. Keep talking to people and keep handing out business cards no matter what.

When you are getting overwhelmed, take it all step by step. That should help you realize that everyday you are experimenting and you are growing more. Take a moment to think about what are some of your short term goals and how do you plan to achieve them? Next is to work on them and building your business. Feel good about being in business.

As far as winter time goes and services to offer, ask your family, friends, and current customers, what services they have to perform on their house and property during the winter. Asking questions can really open your eyes to services you might not have considered or to services that are right in front of your face that you just did not see.

What ever you do, don’t give up. Keep at it. Experiment. Ask for help when needed. Ask for new ideas. Eventually you will find new ways to get your message out and your business will attract more customers. Don’t get overwhelmed, take breaks when needed and keep everything fresh.”

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