When is the right time to get lawn care customers?

What a great discussion this is. Trying to figure out when is the right time to get lawn care customers. If you are new to the lawn care business or you haven’t started yet, you could potentially be picking different times of the year when you think it would be the best. You might even hold off your marketing until that time, but as we will see in this discussion, you would be making a big mistake. Let’s look at this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and see what we can learn from it.

A new lawn care business owner wrote “When is the right time to get lawn care customers? I am planning to open up a landscaping company and want to know the best time to attract customers.

Spring seems to be ideal because that is when people think about lawn care, BUT, the customers that get yearly service usually sign a seasonal contract over the winter, therefore leaving no room for me to convince them to switch.

Next I was thinking possibly at the end of the summer. I can go door by door, talk to the homeowner and sell my services in advance, so that they remember me for the following year and they don’t sign the contract with the other lawn care company. The following spring I could then go back to them and have them sign one of my lawn care contracts.

Now, I know that they might forget about me from August all the way to spring time and might end up signing a contract anyway with the other company. So I was thinking, what if I write down the potential customer’s address down. I could then send them a Christmas card in the winter which would remind them that I’m still around and that I still consider them a future potential customer. The card would also help me because they would see I took the time to send them a Christmas card.

Do you think this is a good approach? Anything I can add to this idea”

First off, you can tell this marketing plan is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over thought. It is way too busy and too complex and needs to scraped. Other lawn care business owners agreed and offered advice on what should be done.

One wrote “the best time to attract lawn care customers is every chance you get! Any time you get 5 or 10 extra minutes, walk up to 5 houses and introduce yourself. Do this a few times and you will start getting calls.”

A second said “I feel it is always the right time to land new clients. Every time you service a new customer you should ALWAYS ‘Clover Leaf’ the immediate homes around it with fliers, introducing your company.

Clover Leafing means you hang door hangers or flyers at neighbors of your customer. The flyers should say something like ‘TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR NEIGHBORS, THEY USE OUR SERVICES. GIVE US A CALL WE PROVIDE FREE ESTIMATES. Then list a few services you provide. CLOVER LEAFING WORKS! Hang 2 or 3 house to both sides, do this across the street and behind the house. Most people try to keep up with the ‘Jones’ as they say and it is true most do. When you provide great service, word of month advertising will kick in.

Clover Leafing works for me, it has worked for 25 years, and will continue to work! You NEVER put anything IN the mail box, instead you HANG it ON the mail box or door.

We had a goal to increase our client base by 20 to 25% this year and it was surpassed by that much before the season even started! So I know it works. Experiment with changing the ad on your flyers. There are many different ways to do it but you will find there is only a few ways to do it right, that makes it effective. Only through experimentation will you find this out.

The bottom line is, anytime is the right time to market and bring on new customers. ALong with any new customer service you perform you should be trying to market this service to the homes around it as well.

Look at it like this, if you leave out one house or one neighbor that means you have left out one potential customer even if that customer was a one time customer. Isn’t it nice to have several homes on one street so you don’t have to drive and waste time and fuel going from one customer to the next?

We service 4 major upper class communities and on one street we have five customers out of 8 homes, so we can park the truck in one place and services all of them from there. This saves me a lot of money.

If you are looking for commercial clients, depending on their budget setting time frame, send a request letters to be placed on their bidders list. Most commercial facilities set budgets in Jan, July, or Oct.”

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