When I cut the grass the top blades of grass turn brown. Why?

Have you ever found yourself cutting lawns and noticing after you cut the lawn, the tips of the grass blades are turning brown? That’s a question posted on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum by Frank.

Frank: “I was wondering if anyone can help me out! I’m new fairly new to the commercial end of the lawn care business. Know, I’ve cut grass all my life but, it was for family. Now, that I’m wanting to do it for a living I’m very serious about it. My question is when I cut the grass the top blades of grass turn brown. I have replaced with new gator blades and sharpened them before installing them can anyone help me out?”

grass blades turn brown

Chuck: “Either A) your cutting the grass WAY TO LOW & need to raise the deck.


B) your lawn mower doesn’t have the horsepower to be running gator blades. If your lawn mower is bogging down & the blades are moving too slow it will tug at the grass & rip it rather than just making a clean cut.

I would venture to say if your new at this…. It’s probably A

Most homeowners scalp the hell out of their own lawns, mostly because they think it will go longer between cuts that way. Try raising the deck.”

Frank: “Thanks for the reply! My main mower is a exmark 48″ turf tracer hp 17hp Kaw. My deck height is set at 2 3/4. I’m baffled.”

Chuck: “Like I was saying…. raise your lawn mower deck. I don’t know where you are located or what types of turf your having trouble with but I run most bahai lawns here in southern Florida no lower that 3.5″ some higher than that. St. Augustines & floritam I usually service bettween 4.25″-4.5″.

Raise your lawn mower deck up & try it, It will look nicer, grow healthier, & be easier on your equipment.”

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