What’s the X factor to succeed in the lawn care business?

Trying to find success in the lawn care business? Wondering if you have that X factor to succeed? Plenty of new lawn care business owners question themselves in the early phase of their business. They wonder if they have what it takes. That is what a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum questioned when he wrote “It’s no secret that I have been down for months now. No calls, no work, no nothing. I have never failed at a business venture in the past, which makes me feel like the lawn care industry is a waste of time. I am hard pressed to find a single success story. Has anyone really made it in this industry?

The last call I got after months of waiting, was right here in town. For a moment, it helped boost my spirits and my ambitions were high again. I was very happy. When I got to the customer’s house, I explained my charge is $40 per mowing but because they lived really close to me, I told the customer I will give him half off. He was an old guy on a fixed income, barely making it so I thought $20 per cut was a great deal. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After hearing my estimate price, he just about threw me off his property. He said he would not pay more than $20 per month and wants his lawn cut 4 times per month. He said he would rather give a neighbor kid $500 to get in business than pay $20 per cut. I never thought it would, but this really hurt my feelings. I left there feeling lower than I felt before he even called. I have had people say no before, I have given quotes and never got a call back, but this one for some reason took the cake. I now sit here and think screw it. I think it’s time to get out of this and get into something that is going to actually make me money. I have been doing this more than 6 months now. Never have I done anything for that long and still been in the red for this long. Normally after the first month or 2 money, the money begins to roll in. With my experience in the lawn care industry the money is just rolling out.

I think about all this and it reminds me of how lawn care people look around here. They look and act like unemployable drug addict losers. Maybe its because they just can’t make enough to get out of there slump. I wonder how anyone else is making it. Does anyone make money at this? I don’t mean just enough to get by but I mean enough to make it worth while? I have tried to change the image around here. Everyone else looks like they don’t shave ever and there trucks are 6 different colors and falling apart. My truck is nice. When I go to give a quote I drive a brand new vehicle and make sure I am dressed nice. I almost worry people will see me pull up and automatically think I will cost them too much. $40 per cut and edge isn’t to much is it?”

One lawn care business owner shared “I just wanted to say that I really think that some of us can make it in the lawn care business and some can’t. I started my lawn care business a couple of years ago and am still in the process of looking for more clients. When I got started, it was tough for the first few months, especially due to the fact I started in the late fall. But when spring time came around we started getting customers.

This is how we did it. We gave out business cards door to door and let our friends know that we got started. I have found the best advertisement is word of mouth. Some of my customers talked about us to others and they became new customers. I initially got started with me and two of my brothers. Initially, I kept my full time job and let them handle the yards. We now have about 40 different size yards, residential and commercial.

To succeed you have to give it as much as you can. I am in the process of going full time in my business and quit my full time job. Before I quit, I made sure I could make it before quitting. I have found that success breeds success. The more customers I get, the more that seem to follow. I just signed a my biggest commercial contract yet. At present, the future looks great.

Everyone in our business does our best to make all of our customers happy and so far haven’t had any major complaints or problems that weren’t fixable. The best thing to do is to give the best customer service you possibly can and the rest will take care of itself. My best wishes to you and anyone else who is trying to make it. Don’t sick back and wait for things to happen and don’t give up.”

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