What you should include in a commercial lawn care bid.

When you are looking to submit a bid for a commercial lawn care property maintenance contract, here are some words of advice from our friend, Tim, as to what to include in your commercial lawn care bid.

He said “A brochure is a nice added touch to the professionalism of your presentation of your company. I leave a little more when visiting Commercial Accounts.

Not only do I leave a business card (that is a given) but I leave 3 cards. I put together a small portfolio, that almost looks like copies of my web pages including all the services we can and will provide (never assume anything, when you do you know what happens it makes an ###-out of-u and -me (ass-u-me). I build this in the MS Power Point highlighting key benefits of our services over and above the competing LCO’s. I include only a couple of pictures of current clients and I also include a list of references. People make the mistake of listing “references upon request.” The way I look at it is if it were I who was accepting bids or meeting with different companies for a service provider, and I had to ask about references when I have a company that has already provided them to me why would I request references from others if I have it in front of me, whether they were low bidders or not they would have a better or best chance of winning my business. It saves me time and “Shows Completion.” The portfolio also includes copies of my business licenses for the area and insurance certificates. Now I have a COMPLETE package for their review.

You will find most businesses have to do things on certain standards, by this I mean before any work can begin all the proper paper work needs to be in order, If you go in there with the paper work already in order this is the advantage you will have over and above the others, keeping you one step ahead of the competition is right where you want to be.

The more professional you appear the larger your company will appear. With this paper work and such a presentation, the prospective client will forget how small you are. If all paper work is in order and they need you to start they may send you a letter of intent prior to sending out the signed contract and this is good to go.”

Here is a list of what I put into a commercial bid package.

Commercial lawn care bid packages should include:
1. Certificate of Insurance
2. Occupational License
3. Itemized list of work to be completed (Estimate)
4. Contract with detailed scope of work (include time schedules)
5. Additional or optional services (with pricing and time schedule)
6. Cover letter (thank you)

This may seem redundant and much but it is professional and clearly answers most questions a client may have, with out them having to take the time to call you to define such questions.

Benefits of this presentation:
1. Most lawn care operations only submit a cover letter and quote/estimate (This put you over and above or one step ahead.)
2. It shows clear detail you’re prepared, confidant and ready to get started.
3. Cuts down on the “down time” having to travel back and forth getting this doc or that doc to the client, wasting valuable time for both parties. TIME IS MONEY!

Ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. Who would I want to do business with, someone who scribbles some mumbo jumbo down on the back of a business card or piece of notebook paper?
  2. Someone who has taken the time to put together a professionally completed bid package with all required documents included.

I’ll let my track record stand with the second choice. “95% + successful sales.”

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